Baja California Del Sur - Dia Dos

So, this morning, we get up at the hotel and eat a complimentary breakfast. At some point, we go down to the beach for a swim.

We get out into the ocean, and then the realize that the undertow is taking us out and we can't touch the bottom. As we swim back in the waves start breaking on us. Jennifer is having a hard time with the waves and they crash on her and force her to the bottom. I grab her and hold onto her for dear life and about 2-3 waves crash over us, forcing her to the bottom. Each time, I bring her up and tell her to breathe, before the next wave hits.

Somehow, we struggle back onto the beach. There are, of course, no lifeguards on duty, and they sign says no swimming allowed. And a little black flag that says "Do Not Swim". As in never.

So, we come back up to the pool where it's safer.

Jen makes a reservation for us to go out to see the arch at San Jose Del Cabo at 4:00 p.m. We drive down there, following Mexico 1, going down the coast. We get there in time, but the idiots have double booked their tours at 4:00 p.m. So, we don't have a boat.

Another guy in the marina steps up and says he'll take us out there.

So, he takes us out to see the arch.

The marina at Cabo San Lucas is pretty nice.

Afterwards, we go back to San Jose Del Cabo and drive to the marina there. It's much smaller and not as many boats. We eat dinner at some place there on the marina. We decide that, tomorrow, we'll drive up to La Paz, following the coast (Camino Cabo Este to Mexico 1 to La Paz).


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San Jose Del Cabo - Dia Uno

On Saturday morning, I'm awake before the alarm goes off. Thousand things are rushing through my head. Leaving the country isn't easy. Have to pack for a different climate. Different lifestyle. Different customs.

Everything has to be charged. Files copied off onto the home servers. Print out all of our reservations. Get cash out of the bank. Check into the flight.

We leave on time.

On the way to the airport, I'm running down the checklist with Jennifer. Make sure we haven't missed anything.

She asks if I called the bank to tell them we're traveling. Bingo. Totally spaced that one. So, on the way to the airport, we call the credit union and tell them we'll be in Mexico for a week. Both debit cards are set up for 1 week in Mexico. That was a big save.

Also, her phone never worked in Mexico last time, so, on the way to the airport, we call Verizon and explain to them that we'll be out of the country for a week, and last time, her phone never worked for shit. So, the lady sends us an email explaining how to make her phone work in Mexico. This is a godsend. It has exact details about what to do if the phone isn't working in a foreign country. Also, explains how to contact Verizon from Mexico, if needed. Big save.

Get to the airport on time. Check in our luggage. Show our passports. Get out to the gate. All is good. All is going as planned.

Get the preboard pass for the flight. We're among the first to board. Window seat and aisle seat. 2F and 2E.

This is a gamble. The wind at the airport in San Jose Del Cabo changes radically all of the time. So, I just guess and pick the starboard side.

Take off on time. 3 hour flight.
The inflight tracker isn't working, but basically, we follow the Colorado River south for 2 hours.

We land at San Jose Del Cabo, deboard on stairs to a bus. Bus to airport. Then, a long line to clear immigration.

We found our rental car place using Cactus Car Rental. So now, we won't get screwed on the rental car like we did last time in Cancun. This time, we land at San Jose Del Cabo, and we have explicit directions on how to get out of the airport, past all of the Tank Sharks.

A whole fucking room full of Tank Sharks, and we just ran through them, and went outside. But, once outside, it's very intimidating. Just rows and rows of people with signs, and none of them say Cactus Car Rental. Jen and I divert right, to regroup. One man comes up and we tell him we're looking for Cactus, and he points us to like the 2nd wave of people, and there's our Cactus guy. We go with him.

Shuttle to rental car place. This time, we don't get scammed. Get the rental car. It's a stick VW, but here we go.

Drive to the hotel, using Jen's phone to navigate. It's working in Mexico. We both cycle our phones to make them work. Every thing is going good. We have a rental car. Phones are working. We drive to her place she reserved for us. A hotel on the beach in SJD.

It turns out it's all inclusvie. Like, free drinks all day. Free breakfast. On the beach. It's a nice place.

SJD is pretty much a desert, with cactus, but on the beach, also palm trees and iguanas.

We drive into SJD for dinner.

We go to La Comer and stock up on snacks. Spot an ATM in the corner. Decide to max out on Pesos so we have some local currency. But, I manage to leave my debit card in the ATM machine. Like a genius.

We figure this out when we're eating dinner in at La Pesca in San Jose Del Cabo. We go back to La Comer, but they don't have the card, so we call and cancel it.

So, now I'm down to one debit card, $3,000.00 USD in cash, and about $6,000.00 in Pesos.


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This and so much less

In the morning, people shuffle into the office, slowly and without grandeur or pretense. They filter in from the area hotels, houses, and hostels. Airports and highways. People drift in quietly, unpack their laptops, and begin the day's work. Silently. Discreetly.

Slowly, the rooms fill up. Everyone searches for the little slips of paper on the paper. The papers with the userid and passwords for the week. Different than last week. They share the papers with friends and confidantes.

Now, the people come in bringing coffee. The workers push in carts with coffee and danishes. They brush away the homeless that come up to peer forlornly inot the windows. Sneak inside for a secret breakfast. But the workers shoo them away, back into the void from which they came.


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