To Hell and Back - The Dalton Highway

OK. New video. This shows us riding up the Dalton Highway, aka the Haul Road, from Coldfoot, to Deadhorse, Alaska, and back. Riders shown are Rob Kiser (KTM 990 Adventure), Remus Capota (BMW GS1200R), Gabriel Elprimo (BMW GS1150R), Erol Aynac─▒ (KLR650) , Tyson Brust (KLR650), and Tom Morely (KLR650).


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iMovie 11 Sucks

So, I've got this stupid MacBook Air, and I'm trying to make a movie in iMovie (I know...I'm an idiot, right?) I thought Apple was supposed to be better. I was wrong, obviously. My project crashed on me. It won't let me created a movie, or "finalize" the project. Or anything really.

Instead, what I get is this: "Unable to prepare project for publishing. The project could not be prepared because an error occurred. (ParamErr: error in user parameter list)".

What a complete piece of shit. Like, do you think you could make the error message any more vague. Maybe try changing the message to "something went wrong". Fucking morons.

So, here's the deal
MacBook Air running OS X 10.9.4.
500 Gig Flash Drive.
217 Gig free out of 500 Gig. (So, storage shouldn't be an issue.)

I get this same message no matter what I try to do to the project. If I try to use "File - Finalize Project", same thing. It says "Preparing project" very briefly, and then, the dreaded message:

"Unable to prepare project for publishing. The project could not be prepared because an error occurred. (ParamErr: error in user parameter list)".

Nice. So, I can't do the following:
1) File - Finalize Project
2) Share - Export Movies. Size to export = HD 1080p (1920x1080). Click on Export. (Same error.)
3) Share - Export Movies. Size to export = Mobile (480x272). Click on Export. (Same error.)
4) Share - Export using QuickTime. Save exported file as "". Export "Movie to QuickTime Movie". Save. This one actually didn't give me an error? But I also don't see that a file was created either.

OK. So, Icopied the Project from 'Project 2' to 'Project 4', and deleted about 2/3 of the video. Then, it would let me go to "Share - Export Movie - Mobile (480 x 272). Nice. So, my guess is that the video is too long or too large for this P.O.S. to handle? Not sure, but seems that way.

OK. So the video is cut down to 2:07 now. But I was able to do File - Export Movie - HD 1080p, and named it Apple_Sucks_207_1080p. Good job, Apple. Way to go. P.O.S.

Now, it says "Preparing project..., "Creating the HD 1080p movie...Time remaining about 13 years..."

Apple sucks. So. Hard.

OK. It appears to have exported successfully. Took about 10 minutes. File created is a 329 MB file named So, that's a start. I got something out of it, anyway.

So, we'll say "New Project 4" will be part one of the miserable video. Thanks, Apple. Thanks for that.

Now, I copied New Project 2 again...this time to New Project 6. Try to export it again... File - Export Movie - HD 1080p...same bullshit error message. Argh.

I'll try to make this one it Apple_Sucks_328_1080p. Preparing project - Unable to prepare project for publishing. Nice.

OK. Now, I'm trying Apple_Sucks_320_1080p. Seems to be working. Started at 3:57 a.m. Says it will take 13 minutes. So, should finish at 4:10 a.m.

I checked it at 4:18 am, and it was finished. This time, it made a file named This looks good.

Now, I copied Project 2 again, this time, as Project 7. Now, I'll delete the first 3:20 from the movie....So now, I try to export it as 3:21 - the end of the project. Says it needs more memory and to quit/exit out of iMovie and try again. So, I shut down iMovie, come back in, and it starts. So, this is Project 7 that I'm exporting. So, it looks like it will work, by breaking it into 2 pieces. Now, I'll try to import the 2 pieces into iMovie, mute the soundtrack, add a new sound track, and join the two videos together. That worked. Oh, the joys of using a P.O.S. like iMovie 11.


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The Haul Road

Here's a video I shot returning down the Dalton Highway from Deadhorse, Alaska. We drove 180 miles in a light rain in 37 degree F temperatures. In this video, I pass 4 other riders.

If I'm not mistaken, that's Gabriel Elprimo on the BMW GS1200R and Erol Aynac─▒ on the green Kawasaki KLR 650.

It was so cold that Remus stopped at a closed camp to warm up his hands. They made him a pot of coffee, and after he'd warmed up enough to where he thought he wouldn't lose his hands, we road off again, into the dull cold misery of Northern Alaska.

The rain didn't let up until we got to Atigun Pass, at which point the sun came out and I realized we were going to live.


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Stabilizing Clips with iMovie 11

So, I'm using iMovie 11 on my MacBook Air to try to make a video. It's pretty painful, mainly because I've never used iMovie before. OK. I used it once before, but that was last year, and yeah.

I now have red squiggly lines on my video clip, so I think that means I successfully analyzed the video for image stabilization. The inspector says "Analyzed. Add clip to project to apply."

So, I drag the "Event" (the video at the bottom) to the "Project" (the top left part of the screen).

Now, I do see, in the far upper left-hand corner of the video in the project, an orange hand.

Hand with orange background: The clip is partially stabilized and required extra zooming, so some areas of your video may be cropped out.

Yeah, and it's zoomed in so far that the video is pretty much pointless. Nice.

Now, I select the clip in the Project, and double click it to open the inspector. Now, I turn off the stabilization in the inspector.


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Kickstarter Campaign

So, last night, I was trying to record my video for the Kickstarter Campaign to send Marilyn Hartman to Hawaii, and my GoPro crashed. Never had any real problems like this with it before. I mean, it's a nightmare to work's ornery, and curmudgeonly. Like, I never know what the thing is doing. It's impossible to keep the battery charged, so I basically keep it tethered via a USB cable. It needs its own power grid. They should make the things gas powered, for Christ's sake.

Like, it just seizes up and I have to open it and pop the battery out while I'm driving through a canyon with no hands. It's not ready for prime time, I can promise you that. And then, you try to see it up to work via WiFi and be controlled by the GoPro App in the iPhone, and now it's a bridge too far. Like, it works for about 11 seconds and then the whole nightmare melts down on you.

So, last night, it finally full-on crashed. Not sure what happened. It actually showed a little crash icon on the LCD display of the GoPro. Not sure if it's the MicroSD card that's the issue, or if it's the GoPro unit, or what. Now for some testing.

Update: So, I'm not sure what happened. It's working fine now. My best guess is that the battery died.


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My First Kickstarter Campaign

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination" -- Henry David Thoreau


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iMovie video of 2014 Alaska Trip

I've been playing around with iMovie some tonight. I've got 12,000 photos and hours of GoPro video that I have no clue what to do with so... This video covers only my first few days of the trip....from Denver to Yellowstone.


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Our Greatest Fear - Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Our Greatest Fear --Marianne Williamson


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Sic Transit Gloria

It looks like I need to order a larger map. I have a lot of maps up in the master bedroom. I pin them up and trace out my silly little motorcycle rides on them. But it looks like I need a map of all of North America at this point to trace out all my absurd little peregrinations. So, I'm thinking about ordering this beast and putting it up on the wall (along with the others, of course.) as a 48" x 64" print.

Sic Transit Gloria - (Glory Fades)

One of the reasons I trace out my rides on maps and hang them on the wall is that there's a part of me that doesn't believe it happened. In a way, it's hard to believe that I even made these trips. I mean...I did make them...this wasn't all an exercise in Photoshp. The trips happened. But they're so far removed from work and my normal life that, in a way, it's hard to believe that they did happen. Tracing out my route on a map and pinning it up on the wall reminds me that I did do these things. That we are in control of our own destiny. That we can really do great things, if only we dare to try.

Here Be Dragons

Something struck me recently...someone said that we were born in the wrong time. That everything had already been discovered. That there was nothing left to explore. Meaning, as I understood it, that we don't have the opportunity to discover, as did Columbus, Balboa, or Magellan. But this point seems trivial to me. Maybe even contrite. So what if someone else discovered it first? As Hilary said, "what difference, at this point, does it make?" So what if we can't be the the first to discover Vancouver Island, the Arctic Ocean, or the Straits of Magellan? What of it? We still can discover the world for ourselves. The fact that others came before us is irrelevant. Go discover it now. For yourself. Don't worry that others found it first. Be glad that they've already been there, conquered the dragons, and paved the way for your arrival. Don't be silly. Get out and explore the world...if you've never discovered it, then, for all intents and purposes, it never has been discovered. It may not exist for all you know. May be a lie drawn on a map, like a mermaid or a dragon. Go explore it for yourself.


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Interesting Quote

"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from." - Seth Godin


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Rocket Explodes on Launch at KLC on Kodiak Island, AK

This just in...a rocket exploded on takeoff at Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Eyewitnesses reporting a rocket at KLC (Kodiak Launch Complex) failed and exploded on takeoff. This happened just now (at approximately 12:28 a.m. Alaska Time on Aug 25, 2014).

Last week the Army announced it will conduct the second test of one of its hypersonic missiles in August.

Lt. Gen. David L. Mann, commander, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, told Congress last week that in August the Army expects to conduct the second Advanced Hypersonic Weapon Technology Demonstration. The results of this second test will determine the future of the program, which could include the U.S. Navy utilizing the new missile, according to Lt. Gen. Mann.

The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AWH) is part of the U.S. military's conventional prompt global strike (CPGS) program, which aims to give Washington the ability to strike any target on earth with a conventional warhead within an hour's time. According to the U.S. Army, "The AHW can be launched from the United States and can hit a target anywhere in the world. It can travel at speeds of Mach 5, about 3,600 mph, or higher."

Photo credit: Eric Dawson - Kodiak, Alaska - 2014

Photo credit: Eric Dawson - Kodiak, Alaska - 2014

Photo credit: Eric Dawson - Kodiak, Alaska - 2014

Photo credit: Eric Dawson - Kodiak, Alaska - 2014


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Into The Light - Michael Samsen

This is one of the guys we met on the trip. Apparently, his brother committed suicide a few years back, so he was riding to raise awareness for suicide prevention. He crashed his bike on the Dalton Highway as I recall, broke 5 ribs, flew back to Connecticut and recuperated for 5 months, then flew back out to continue his journey. I have a lot of respect for someone that has the tenacity, the chutzpah to fly back out to Alaska from the east coast to get back on a bike that has thrown them like a rented mule on the Dalton highway. Well done, Michael Samsen.

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US Motorcycle Rider Disappears In Canada

Update: Looks like he turned up.

I have to tell you this...if this ole' trooper turned up at the Alaska Border on the Alaska Highway after crossing Alberta, B.C., and the Yukon on a 3-wheeled motorcycle, he is a trooper. He made it from the Port of Coutts, Alberta, Canada to the Alaska Border on the Alaska Highway, a distance of 1,890 miles, if he took the shortest route possible. (You have to take the Alaska Highway, at some point, it's the only way to get there). The Alaska Highway through the Yukon is pretty much a joke. Just one busted up section after another...constantly following a Pilot Truck for several kilometers at a time, always waiting for the sign turner to switch from "Stop" to "Slow". If he went up the Cassiar (BC 37), the gas stations are 150 miles apart, and there's very limited lodging options.

Saturday August 16th 2014 - Friday, August 22, 2014 11:52AM MDT

OK. So, I just did the math on his trip. In 6 days, he went AT LEAST 1,890 miles. This puts him at 315 miles per day, again, assuming that he didn't take the scenic route (I have no idea what route he took between the two ports of entry/exit between the US/Canada.) So, yeah...dude is doing just fine. No shame in 300 mile days. Just means he's taking lots of pictures is all.

The reason he wasn't in touch with anyone is probably because he turned his cell phone off to prevent the phone companies from raping him for being in a foreign country...I turned mine off of this reason. So, that's probably why he wasn't in touch with his family.

How he made this trip alone is anyone's guess, but he's a tough old bird. I'll give him that. I've got money he finished the trip just fine an shows back up in TN in 2-4 weeks.

Update: This web page says he left Mount Juliet, Tennessee on August 12, 2014, and made it to Coutts, Alberta on August 16, 2014.

This means that he went 1,927 miles in roughly 5 days (I'm assuming here he crossed into Coutts at dusk/dark on the 16th.) That would make the most sense, I think. That he had 5 solid days of riding (12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th) to make to into Canada from TN. This means he was driving, on average, 385 miles a day.

Then, once he's in Canada, I'd say he drove like this....part of the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd. So, this gave him about 5-6 days for the driving roughly the same distance across Canada. I'd say his speed across Canada was pretty much the same as it was in the U.S. He only slowed down for the road construction, so far as I can tell. Glad he's safe.


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Unopened Safe

When I was staying in the Yoho National Forest in British Columbia, Canada a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a safe that the employees said had never been opened.

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Lost With Mike

This is the blog of some guy that drove a 49cc Honda Ruckus from Key West to Alaska. Not sure where he's he's heading next. He actually has a BMW R1200GS at home in the garage, if you can believe it.

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Bonzai Becky

This is the blog of some chick(s) touring South America on motorbikes.

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Conifer Honors Chemistry 2014-2015

Welcome to our Honors Chemistry website. You can use this website to download notes, course assignments and view helpful links.

Thanks for visiting, Mrs. Anderson

Contact instructor:

Honors Chemistry Syllabus

Conifer High School Science Department

Conifer High School

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More pictures trickle in...

Remus and I rode together from Coldfoot, AK to Deadhorse, AK, back to Coldfoot, and then to Fairbanks. Apparently, he's made it back safely to Romania, and came through with some photos. Very cool that he was able to share these. We may have more coming from him, also, I think.

Above: The Brooks Range on the Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11).

Above: The Brooks Range on the Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11).

Above: The Dalton Highway north of the Brooks Range - Basically, a wet, sloppy mess.

Above: The Dalton Highway north of the Brooks Range - Basically, a wet, sloppy mess.

Above: A shot of me on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. In this shot, I believe I'm trying to get my boots back on and praying I won't lose my feet for walking into the ocean.

Above: After driving 180 miles in the rain down a mud road in 37 degree F temperatures, we stopped at this "closed camp" to warm up for a bit. Although the camp was private, and not open to the public, they allowed us to warm up, and even made us a pot of coffee. In this picture, I believe I was pouring some gas into the gas tank, as it's 250 miles from Deadhorse, AK to the next gas station (at Coldfoot, AK).

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