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October 25, 2013

Computer History

I think I may have lost some files at some point, so I'm trying to reconstruct my computer history to see if I can identify what went wrong.

1981 Purchased TRS-80 Color Computer.
1993 Purchased Gateway TBR3 600 P3 - Windows 98 PC.
2001 Purchased Dell Dimension 4550 - Windows XP PC. Condition: Working.

2004 September - I dropped my Sony Vaio PCG-8L1L on interstate 280 in CA on Monday, September 27th, 2004 going 95 mph. It was pretty hammered, but it still worked, though.

2006 June - I purchased another Sony Vaio in 2006, I think this is when my Sony Vaio PCG-8L1L finally died on me. I walked into a computer store around Nashville and bought a new one off the shelf for about $2K, as I recall. This was probably the Sony Vaio SZ120P.

2006 October - I hopped a freight train in Middle Tennessee, which caused the frame to pop out and bent the keyboard, as I recall. This was with the new Sony Vaio SZ120P. Condition: Unknown. (Laptop is MIA.) I believe this computer died on me last year (in 2012), and I recovered the hard drive contents, and trashed the laptop.

2006 October - Purchased Buffalo TeraStation. Condition: Working.

2007 December - My windows desktop crashed. Bought new hard drive. Reinstalled XP SP2.

2008 April - Dell Dimension 4400 PC becomes the new PW web server.

2009 July - Purchased WD 4TB Sharespace. Condition: Working.

2010 July - Purchased 4 Dell computers from GSA auction for $269. One is upstairs in my bedroom. One is at Michelle's house. One was used to replace Jen's Dell XPS system when it died. Not sure where the 4th one is.

2010 October - Replaced Sony Vaio VGN-SZ120P laptop hard-drive.

2011 March - Purchased Sony Vaio VPCYB15KX Laptop running Windows 7, with 4 Gigs of RAM and a Hitachi 500 Gig 2.5" SATA Hard Drive. Had Sony FedEx it to my house. Took it to Hawaii. Crashed on the trip, losing my photos. Condition: Unknown. Location: MIA.

2012 March - Replaced the LCD screen on Jennifer's Sony Vaio VPCCW14FX Laptop.

2012 August(?) - Sony Vaio VGN-ZA120P finally died. Condition: Deceased. Location: MIA.

2012 September - Purchased a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 notebook from someone in SF. Carrie had one and I kind of liked the size of it. I upgraded the RAM, but it was too slow, so I gave it to Jay when I left SF.

2013 January - Purchased the most tricked out MacBook Air from Apple that money could buy at the time. (This one is mine. Jennifer already had one.)

Jennifer had a MacBook Air. At some point, Jennifer's MacBook wasn't really holding a charge any more, so I bought her a used MacBook from some guy off of craigslist when I was out in Southern California. This would have been in 2016/2017.

2013 February - Ordered 12 TB Synology DiskStation DS413. Condition: Working.

Current Desktop Computers Running on home network:
Dell Dimension 4550 - (My PC)
Dell Dimension 4400 - (PW Web Server)
Dell Dimension 3000 - ? (Appears to be non-functioning)

Dell Optiplex GX270 - Sanitized by OCIO - Condition unknown.
Dell Optiplex GX270 - National Park Service - Condition unknown.
Dell XPS 410 - Jen's old desktop(?) - Condition unknown.
Gateway TBR3 600 P3 - Windows 98 PC. Condition unknown.

Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop - Windows ME. Condition unknown.
Sony PCG-GRZ660 laptop - This is the one I dropped on the interstate in CA.
Sony Vaio VPCCW14FX / PCG-6112L - This was Jen's laptop at some point. Condition unknown. I think we bought her this in 2010.

Dell XPS. Not clear what this was.

I think that what happened is that my Sony Vaio SZ120P finally died some time last year (2012). And, in an attempt to replace it, I bought the Asus brick, which was too big/heavy. Then, I bought the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 computer that was too small/slow. Then, I finally ended up buying the MacBook Air, the iPad 3, and the Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone 4S.

I think that Jen's Dell XPS desktop died on her at some point, and I swapped it out with a box I bought from an auction down at the Federal Center. I bought a slew of PC's at auction, but don't have any real records of the event. I believe it was in 2008 though.

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