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August 26, 2021

The Condon Committee Investigation

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified




"In the late 1960's the University of Colorado was contracted by the Air Force to do a supposedly scientific study of UFO's. Dr. Edward Condon made statements such as "We do not expect extra-terrestrial life from outside our solar system to reach our planet in the next 10,000 years. If you actually look at the Condon Project Report the scientific study you'll find that much of that information indicates that UFO's are frequent."

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August 18, 2021

Yesterday I was caught out in the rain/hail

Yesterday, I was caught out in the rain/hail (sort of like the way I got caught out in the rain/hail today).

But yesterday, I was looking for a different dirt road down to Wellington Lake, and I remembered I'd taken this dirt road (Buffalo Creek Road) just south of Pine, Colorado, so I decided to try it again. What I forgot was that it's a bicycle trail. Like, there's a gate and a parking lot and you're not supposed to drive motorized vehicles down it. But of course, I went down it anyway. Without checking the weather forecast. Eventually, I found myself caught in a blinding hail storm/rain storm, with no clearly defined shelter, riding down a dirt road.

I was able to make it to where the road intersected with Forest Service Road 550 (Redskin Creek Road). I tried seeking shelter under a tree, but eventually decided to just keep riding as it was raining/hailing so hard.

So I followed Forest Service Road 550 east to Colorado Road 126 (Deckers Road), then north to Hwy 285 and came home that way.

My route yesterday looked something like this.

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Forest Service Road 211 / Tarryall Reservoir and Mount Evans

Forest Service Road 211 and Mount Evans

I got up to the top of Mount Evans and thought I'd lose my hands. I was wearing ski gloves, but they were wet from when I got caught out in the rain yesterday. At the summit (14,130') my bike showed that it was 45F. Then it started hailing. And raining. Somehow, I made it down without dying. But this is the second day in a row that I've been caught out in a storm of rain and hail. Maybe I should start checking the forecast?

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Forest Service Road 211 / Tarryall Reservoir

So today I went for a little ride. Forest Service Road 211 leaves Deckers Road just west of Deckers, CO. It's alternately referred to as Wigwam Road, Goose Creek Road or Forest Service Road 211. It's a 25 mile one hour ride down a dirt road that eventually comes out on Park County Road 77, about 35 miles south of Jefferson. Tarryall Reservoir is about 19 miles south of Jefferson.

10:15 am 53454
11:13 am 53494. 40 miles. Trailhead
12:07 53514 summit. 20 miles.
12:19 53519 CR77. 1 hr. 25 miles dirt.
1:00 53554 jefferson
2:00 53602 home

This looks like my ride this morning down Forest Service Road 211:

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August 9, 2021

Colorado Wildfires

Today, I rode the AT down Pleasant Park Road to S Keuhster Rd and down to one of the old wildfire sites. I thought I'd posted this on Peenie Wallie before but can't find it. It looks like this was the Lower North Fork Fire of 2012. It was a prescribed burn that got out of control.


Here's the post I was looking for:

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