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December 25, 2018

Holiday Travel Schedule

USAirport Parking. 1-866-727-5464 or 303-371-7575.
Bring this Reservation Confirmation with you to USAirport Parking.
Confirmation Number: 73602133292526723392483
Parking Reservation Confirmation For:
Robert Kiser
6778 Blue Jay Rd, , Morrison, 80465
Parking Space Type: UNCOVERED

Enter: 12/26/2018 at 8:30 AM
(Reservation is good for the entire day)

Exit: 12/31/2018 at 9:30 PM
(Reservation is good for the entire day - and it's not necessary to edit your reservation or call us if your return date changes)

Fly DEN to MSY on Dec 26th.

Departing 12/26/18 Wednesday
Denver, CO - DEN
FLIGHT 4705 Nonstop
ARRIVES 2:10 PM MSY New Orleans, LA - MSY
TRAVEL TIME 2 hr 30 min
Wanna Get Away
Your fare includes:2 free checked bags (1st and 2nd checked bags fly free. Weight and size limits apply.)No change fee (Fare difference may apply.)Reusable fundsEarlyBird eligible
Wanna Get Away
(Adult x2)
49,598 PTS
Taxes & fees$11.20
Flight total$11.20


Departing 12/31/18 Monday DEPARTS 7:10 PM MSY
New Orleans, LA - MS
FLIGHT 1200 Nonstop
Denver, CO - DEN
TRAVEL TIME 3 hr 0 min

Your Thrifty confirmation code

Questions about your reservation?
Call Thrifty customer service 00 1 8772830898
or send an email to support@carrentals.com

Rental Charges
Price of rental car
1 week @ $180.00/week $180.00
Estimated Taxes & Fees
STATE TAX $37.08
Estimated Taxes & Fees $108.50
Total amount of your booking $288.50
Thrifty requires a valid credit credit card in the driver's name be presented at pick-up. Debit cards may be accepted. Please check with the rental company.
USD288.5 will be charged at the rental com

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December 21, 2018

Migrating Photos

So, I'm trying to migrate my photos onto the S drive. This is what I'm moving now:

w:\my documents\_2006 > s:\_2006
w:\my documents\_2007 > s:\_2007
w:\my documents\_2008 > s:\_2008
w:\my documents\_2009 > s:\_2009
w:\my documents\_2010 > s:\_2010

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MacBook Air - It Keeps Going and Going...

Today, I was talking to Jen as we were driving down the hill to get her hair cut. I've been organizing my photos on my home servers, and, as I get closer to the current date, I'm noticing that my photos are starting to come off of the MacBook Air. Now, it occurs to me...I've had this MacBook Air for a LONG time. This thing has been rock solid since I got it, back in January 15, 2013. So, in a month, I'll have had it roughly 6 years.

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December 19, 2018

The Master List of Pets

So, I'm going through some old photos and finding lots of photos of pets I don't recall, really. So, I thought I'd make a list of pets for posterity sake. So, without further adieu, here are the pets:

Current Pets:
Pokey (Pocahantus) - Pokey spent the night outside once, and Jen and I went looking for her.
PJ (Pokey Junior) - Wallie was PJ's mom (he was a good mom). (PJ and Tubby are siblings.)
Tubby (Prince Tubby) - Wallie was Tubby's mom (he was a good mom). (PJ and Tubby are siblings.)
Cliffie - Clifford is part black lab/part Great Dane. We adopted him from Foothills Animal shelter in Lakewood in January of 2015 (he was a late Christmas present for X-mas 2014). They told us he was a "Black Lab Mix".
Nathan - Jen's pet fish.


Previous Pets:

I believe the first cat we had was a calico named Jasmine (called "Kitty"). Jasmine is a Calico cat we adopted for Jennifer on December 28, 2007. Here's a photo of Jasmine from March of 2008. On Monday June 9th, of 2008, we lost Kitty. Kitty was grey, brown, and white. Kitty went out at night and never came back in. Jen asked me about Kitty in a grocery store. And I told her "Kitty didn't come home last night" and she just fell apart in my arms. The saddest day of my life. On June 26, 2008, I'm talking about a cat that we recently lost. Not 100% certain which cat I was referring to here, but I'm assuming that I'm talking about losing the calico cat named Jasmine, as I'm reasonably sure this was the only cat we'd ever had, at that point.

After Jasmine was Timmy (Timmers). He eventually went to live with the neightbors about the time that we time that we got Purl (also called "Kitty").

Kitty - On January 31, 2012, we adopted a grey cat named Kitty. Here's a photo from a week later on February 8, 2012 of Timmy and Purrrrrl. Here's another photo of Kitty from May 5, 2012. Kitty was a grey cat that didn't come home one night.

Wallie - Wallie was a beautiful black and white kitty and we had her for a while and then one night she just didn't come home. Wallie was always treated as a male cat, right up until the time he got pregnant. He had 4 kittens, and we gave two away to Jen's
classmates at Conifer, and we kept 2 (Prince Tubby(Tubby) and Pokey Junior (PJ)). Wallie had kittens around May 4, 2015, because the neighbors came over to see the kittens on May 4, 2015. I'm not really clear when we lost Wallie, but it seems to have been fairly recently, as this is a photo of Wallie on 3/18/2017.

Timmy - At some point, Timmy took up with the neighbors because I was on the road too much.

Bunners - Bunny we got back in Feb 11, 2006. We built him a rabbit hutch, which was rock solid. Then, we took him camping along Deer Creek up above Montezuma on Sunday, June 17, 2007, and he chewed through his leash and got away. It's on Page 75 in the book Killing Strangers, in the Chapter called "Killing Strangers". Here's another photo of Bunny from 8/5/2006.

On June 6th, of 2008, we caught a wild rabbit, and tried to keep him in the rabbit hutch, but Jennifer says that he was too wild and we had to let him go. Like, he was too crazy to keep in captivity and would run into the walls of the cage.

Slinky - Slinky was a Daschund that Michelle and I bought out in Limon, CO, shortly before Jennifer was born, in 1997 passed away and we buried her in the back yard. (May 7, 1997 - Dec 2, 2013).

We had many gerbils. I remember we even had a Gerbil Wedding, because they have to be married to have babies, right? Midnight and Snuggles - We had a female gerbil (Snuggles - first known photo April 5, 2005), and then a male gerbil (Midnight), and then, after Midnight and Snuggles got married, we had countless baby gerbils. Snuggles gave birth to 7 baby gerbils on May 28, 2005. Then, there was a 2nd litter. In the end, we had more gerbils than we could handle and we ended up just tossing them out into the fields. For a while, they lived in the neighbor's barn (the Jehova's Witnesses).

I got Jen an aquarium on April 3, 2008.

Badger - Badger was a pet quail we hatched from some eggs we were incubating in the basement, if I recall correctly. Slinky killed Badger when she got into the bedroom with him on 10/8/2010, unfortunately.

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December 17, 2018

2006 & 2007

So, I went through my photos from 2006 and 2007. I created an Excel Spreadsheet named wheres_rob.xls and am documenting where I was, based on my photos and what's in Peenie Wallie. So far, I've managed to document 2006 and 2007. Then, I moved these photos from w:\My Pictures\_2006 and_2007 over to s:\_2006 and _2007. My thought being that I'd like to get all of my photos onto the s: drive, if at all possible. Probably next, I'll do 2008.

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December 11, 2018

My Documents

So, I'm searching my home network, looking for the documents/stories that I wrote while I was on the road for the last 28 years or so.

Right now, it looks like I've found some pretty good documents from when I was working in Idaho and Tennessee back in 2006.

s:\Lacie\old_laptop\My Documents

Then, I was trying to find a place to store them on my local computer. And I'm looking in My Documents, and I see a folder called "My Stories" and I'm like...yeah...that's what I should call it. Only to realize that the folder was already there, and filled with many of my old diatribes from projects long ago.

C:\Users\Rob\Documents\My Stories

Like, it already has "Tennessee Stories" in it, which I like.

So, these seem like the documents I might be interested in:
Tennessee Stories (2006)
The Trees of Misconsin
The Trick to Living in a Motel (2011)
Burning Bridges (3.1)

When I got back from Peru the first time was when I wrote the book Killing Strangers. That was 11 years ago in 2007. Then, my second trip to Peru was 10 years later in 2017/2018.

Now, I see another similar folder. But these documents go WAY back. Back into 1995:

\\WDSHARESPACE\Public\_Terastation\My Documents\_My Stories

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Organizing Documents

I'm trying to organize some of my older documents. Right now, I'm searching for any word documents created in 2006 using Windows Explorer with the following search filter:

*.doc datecreated:‎1/‎1/‎2006-12/31/2006

OK. I gave up on that and just searched my T drive for word documents. I did find one called "Tennessee Stories", which is sort of what I was looking for.

I'm sort of wondering where my "Killing Strangers" documents went. I think I'll just search my whole network for *.doc and see if I can track some of these stories down.

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December 8, 2018

Consolidating Photos - 2012

So, I searched for photos on the w: drive that have date_taken in 2012. Now, I'll start moving these images over to the s: drive.

__Jen(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\__Jen
__Jen2(w:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\__Jen2
_2012(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\_2012
_input(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\_input
_temp(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\_temp
01(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\01
02(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02
03(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\03
04(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\04
05(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\05
06(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06
06_MS(W:\_old_laptop\photos) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_MS
06_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06_MS
06_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012\06) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06\06_MS
06_NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\photos) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW
06_NXNW(W:\My Pictures\2012\06) w:\My Pictures\2012\06\06_NXNW
07(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07
07(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\07
08(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\08
08(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\08
08_iPhone(W:\My Pictures\_2013) w:\My Pictures\_2013\08_iPhone
08_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\08_MS
09(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09
10(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\10
11(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\11
12(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\12
2012(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot\2012
animals(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\animals
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\01) w:\My Pictures\_2012\01\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\03) w:\My Pictures\_2012\03\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\04) w:\My Pictures\_2012\04\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\best
Carrie(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07\Carrie
Carrie(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\Carrie
cat(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\cat
homecoming(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\homecoming
images2012(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot\images2012
ipad(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\ipad
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\01) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\01
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\02
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\04) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\04
iPhone(W:\My Pictures\_2013) w:\My Pictures\_2013\iPhone
iphone_jen_040712(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone_jen_040712
iphone3-7(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone3-7
lauren(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07
NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\06_NXNW\NXNW
NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW\NXNW
NXNW2(W:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW\NXNW2
Pismo2012(W:\My Pictures\_2012\05) w:\My Pictures\_2012\05\Pismo2012
SF(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\SF
softball(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\softball
temp(W:\old_laptop) w:\old_laptop\temp
W:\ w:\
wwwroot(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot

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December 7, 2018

2004 BMW X3

Page 90 of Owner's Manual.

Use 5W-30 winter time.
Full synthetic.
6.6 quarts or 6.2 liters

Oil filter Fram extra guard ch8081

17mm wrench to open drain plug.



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December 5, 2018

Stockton Project

I'm trying to find all of my photos from when I was in Stockton.

I think I was in Stockton on the following dates:
2011\12\6 - 2011\12\13
2011\12\16 - 2011\12\23
2011\12\24 - Mississippi

But it's difficult because my photos aren't organized as well as they should be.
The photos should be at the following location, in theory:

But these folders don't exist. So, instead I have to sort of root around on the other drives to see if I can find the photos from those dates.

Now, I'm searching the W drive for .jpg files where the photo date taken is from 12/6/2011 - 12/23/2011.


W:\My Pictures\_2011\12\December

W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\12 (these photos are dated 2011/12/23).
W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\12

not this one: W:\My Pictures\_2011\11\111121-192746_73605.jpg thru

I found my client list at w:\goinglive.

OK. Searching the w:\ drive for for .jpg files where the photo datetaken is from 12/6/2011 - 12/23/2011. [*.jpg datetaken:‎12/‎6/‎2011 .. ‎12/‎23/‎2011]

Here's what I see:

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\best
W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\iPhone
W:\My Pictures\_2012\02\iphone
W:\My Pictures\_2012\iPad

Most of these were shot with an iPhone 4s. I think 3 of them were taken with a Canon EOS 50D.

OK. Here we go...Canon EOS 20D photos are located at:

W:\My Pictures\_2011\from desktop\2011\620CANON (datetaken is 12/23/2011).
W:\My Pictures\_2011\iPhone
W:\My Pictures\_2011\12\December (some of these pictures are Jen/Hannah in NYC: date taken = 12\16\2011)

OK. Here's some more. Canon EOS 50D. And the file naming looks good on these. These are the best so far that I've found of the Stockton photos.

W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\111223-125936_76834.jpg (etc).

Yes. Jackpot. This is exactly what I wanted. Now, I look at 2012 photos.

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\


So, one of the main reasons I did this search is so that I could determine which directories were hiding my photos from this era. Like, normally, I expect to see all of my photos on the S:\ drive under a folder of the current year, like say:

But that folder doesn't exist for whatever reason. So, instead, I'm sort of kicking around on the W drive looking for photos. And, make no mistake, the W:\ drive is a mess. So, maybe once I find what I'm looking for, I'll move it over to the S:\ drive and create S:\_2011.

I'm going to start looking at W:\My Pictures\_2012

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01 So, now that I see my photos from 2012, I see that I was, in fact, in SF on 1/1/2012. Interesting. Looks like I was only there two days. 12/01/01 - 12/01/02.

OK. So, I've got to consolidate these photos or I'll lose my mind. My general approach is going to be to move photos from the W drive to the S drive. So, we'll start like this:

Moving from:
W:\My Pictures\_2011\*.* to S:\_2011 (116,000 items 316 gig). About 1 day remaining.

OK. The move failed, for whatever reason. So, I created a shorcut to it.

So, s:\_2011 has a shortcut to W:\My Pictures\_2011.

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