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April 28, 2019

GoPro Hero 5 Sucks Dicks

So, I'm back to trying to get the GoPro Hero 5 to work. It's like pulling teeth trying to get this POS to work. Basically, it sucks. And it won't work with Windows 7. So, I have to pull out the MicroSD card, plug it into a MicroSD to SD adapter. Then plug the MicroSD to SD adapter into my Windows 7 laptop,

Now, I can copy the files across onto my home network. [S:\_2019\GoPro].

However, now I notice that the stupid camera has no clue what the current date/time is. And, it's roughly 4 days off. Great. Thanks, GoPro. You've clearly jumped the shark.

Searching the internet, one will not find a single website that explains how to fix the problem. Eventually, I was able to figure it out on my own.

Turn on GoPro.
Swipe down on rear screen from top to bottom.
Select "Preferences"
Scroll down to Date and/or Time settings.
Click on Date.
Scroll to set the Month, Day, and Year.
Click back arrow in upper left corner of display.

Click on Time.
Adjust time as needed.
Click on back arrow in upper left corner of display.

Plug in cable to charge shitty camera. (Black cable labeled GoPro Hero 5 Sux).


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2017 Africa Twin CRF1000A 2AC


I'm trying to sort out which Africa Twin I own, so that I can replace the oil and filter(s).

It looks like, in places, they refer to it as the "2017 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L", regardless of the ABS, DCT, etc.

CRF1000 (no ABS)
CRF1000D (ABS + DCT)
CRF1000A (ABS)

So, apparently, mine is the CRF1000A. (I have ABS but not DCT).

2017 Tri-color White (2AC)
2017 CRF Red (3AC)
2017 Candy Red (AC)

So, apparently, I have the CRF1000A 2AC (ABS, no DCT, tri-color white).

OK. Finally. What I'm seeing on amazon for their oil changes is:

TUSK 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit Pro-Honda GN4 10W-30 - Fits: Honda Africa Twin DCT CRF1000D 2016-2019, but this is for the DCT (which I don't have). It apparently needs a 2nd oil filter, for whatever reason.

So, it looks like the one I would want is this one:

TUSK 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit Pro-Honda GN4 10W-30 - Fits: Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L 2016-2019

I ordered this from Amazon. Should be here on Wed or Thr.

Order Number: 111-5081750-8298627
TUSK 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit Pro-Honda GN4 10W-30 - Fits: Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L 2016-2019 will be shipped to Robert Kiser by MX PowerPlay.
Estimated delivery: May 1, 2019 - May 2, 2019

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April 24, 2019

Motorcycle Podcast


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April 21, 2019

Jennifer at Easter

I thought I'd try to find some of Jennifer's old photos from Easter. I was thinking of the photo of her in the basement hunting for easter eggs indoors. Easter is a dicey time of year for us as it's in the spring. And, although the date of Easter moves around every year, you never really know whether the Easter Bunny should hide the eggs inside or out, as a foot of snow can ruin an outdoor egg hunt.

Windows Explorer Search Format
datetaken:‎7/‎2/‎2005 .. ‎7/‎2/‎2005
datetaken:‎3/‎20/‎2005 .. ‎4/‎2/‎2005

*.jpg datetaken:6/‎28/‎2005

Easter Sunday
2000 - (4/23/2000)
2001 - (4/15/2001)
2002 - (3/21/2002)
x 2003 - (4/20/2003) (4/19/2003)
x 2004 - (4/11/2004) (4/11/2004)
x 2005 - (3/27/2005) (4/1/2005)
x 2006 - (4/16/2006) (4/15-4/16/2006)
x 2007 - (4/8/2007) (4/8/2007)
x 2008 - (3/23/2008) (3/22/2008)
x 2009 - (4/12/2009) (4/12/2009)
2010 -( 4/4/2010)
x 2011 - (4/24/2011)
2012 - (4/8/2012)
2013 - (3/31/2013)
2014 - (4/20/2014)
2015 - (4/5/2015)
2016 - (3/27/2016)
2017 - (4/16/2017)
2018 - (4/1/2018)
2019 - (4/21/2019)

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April 16, 2019

Canyons of the Front Range

I was riding with Margie today, and we were arguing about the canyons along the front range, so I thought I'd document them here as I haven't done this before for whatever reason.

1) Clear Creek Canyon. Clear Creek Canyon begins in Golden at the intersection of U.S. Highway 6, Colorado State Highway 58, and Colorado State Highway 93. Clear Creek Drainage Basin.

2) Golden Gate Canyon. Just north of Clear Creek Canyon is Golden Gate Canyon. Golden Gate Canyon Road, (Jefferson County Road 70), goes west from Colorado State Highway 93 to Golden Gate Canyon State park, and continues on to State Highway 119. At the Gilpin County line, the road changes from Jefferson County Road 70 to Colorado State Highway 46.

3) Coal Creek Canyon. The next canyon north of Golden Gate Canyon is Coal Creek Canyon. Coal Creek Canyon (Colorado State Highway 72) connects Colorado State Highway 93 to Colorado State Highway 119.

4) Boulder Canyon. The next canyon north of Coal Creek Canyon is Boulder Canyon. Boulder Canyon (Colorado State Highway 119) connects Nederland to Boulder.

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Forced-labor Reports Spur Raid in Lyons, Colorado

I met this guy today when I was riding through the Evergreen area on Highway 74. He was stopped and somewhat disoriented - from out of state - Ohio I think. So, we rode together for a bit. He wanted to go up the Peak to Peak Highway (SH 119) and to Lyons, so we rode up this way. We stopped in Nederland for lunch, but this ugly-faced woman started screaming at me for riding the wrong way down a 1-way street in Nederland. I told her "If I had a face like yours, I think I'd probably shut my fat mouth".

Then, we left and rode up to Lyons. In Lyons, I was trying to explain to him that, they were using slave labor to harvest sandstone from a sandstone quarry in Lyons fairly recently....like in the year 2000 or so. So, when I got home I thought I'd look it up and see if I could verify my recollections.

I was able to find this one article on the story. Basically, they had some illegal immigrants up there, that were being forced to work for free, which is the definition of slavery, last time I checked. Pretty crazy.

Forced-labor reports spur raid

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April 10, 2019

I think Spying Did Occur - Attorney General William Barr


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Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is an American far-right political activist who serves as a senior advisor for policy for President Donald Trump. He was previously the communications director for then-Senator Jeff Sessions. The libtards are terrified of Stephen Miller.


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New Attorney General William Barr is a rock star

So, we have a new Attorney named General William Barr. This guy is a rock star. He's going to tear the Libtards a new a-hole, and they're painfully aware of this fact.

William Barr is essentially replacing Jeff Sessions at Attorney General (Matthew Whitaker served briefly for about 4-5 months).

The LIBTARDS are losing their minds.

I watched this 3:45 minute video on a loop all afternoon.


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April 8, 2019

PeenieWallie Lives!

Well, we finally got Peenie Wallie up and running again.

What happened was that, for some reason, two of my computers TCP/IP cards failed, essentially, simultaneously. My guess is some sort of power surge came in through the ethernet cable. In any event, blew out my TCP/IP cards on a pc downstairs, and my laptop upstairs.

So, I ordered some USB-TCP/IP adapters on Amazon. And, when they came in, I hooked them up to the computers, and got my computers working again. So, all of my PC's were connected, and I could surf the internet, yay.

But, what I failed to grasp was that it changed the IP address of these computers, and the one upstairs now had a new IP address, but I didn't update the port forwarding in the router to route incoming requests to the Peenie Wallie server (upstairs laptop) to use the new IP address.

So, Robert came up and helped me get it all sorted out and, for now, at least, Peenie Wallie lives. :)

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