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March 31, 2022

Moms Sticking Together


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March 28, 2022

Cripple Creek

Today, I rode the Africa Twin down to Cripple Creek. When I was working in Colorado Springs, after work, I used to hit Cripple Creek, Victor, Phantom Canyon, Canon City, etc.

So I was trying to go down there and revisit some of my old stomping grounds. My route looked something like this.

I was surprised that I didn't see the sign for Tenderfoot Pass (Elevation 10,200 ft). Now that I look at it online, it seems that the pass sign should be on Colorado Highway 67, just north of the intersection with Teller County Road 821.


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March 26, 2022

Colorado Springs

Today, I rode to Colorado Springs on the Africa Twin. Weather was just too nice not to be riding.

So I rode down to 1135 N El Paso St where I used to work for Colorado Springs School District 11 (from 3/2014 - 6/2014). Then, when the project was over, I rode the KTM to the Arctic Ocean and back. 2nd Alaska Trip. This was in July/August of 2014. Rode the KTM 10,500 miles in 28 days. Denver to Deadhorse, Alaska and back.

See: https://ouchitastreet.wordpress.com/

I took the back roads down to Palmer Lake, and then got on I-25 and went South.

Then, I realized that the clock was wrong on my motorcycle, and I didn't have time to ride back through the mountains. I still need to spring forward.

So I rode back and got back just after sunset.

My ride looked something like this:

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March 25, 2022

2022 Motorcycle Adventures - Pass Bagger

Today, I decided that it hadn't snowed for a few days, and it was time for me to go for a ride on the Africa Twin.

I rode down US Hwy 285 to Kenosha Pass(Elevation 10,000 ft), then down into Fairplay, north on Colorado State Hwy 9 to Hoosier Pass (Elevation 11,542 ft), then north into Breckenridge, and then up over Loveland Pass (Elevation 11,991 ft). Loveland Pass was so cold I didn't even stop for a photo. At some point on the ride, I stopped and changed gloves because my hands were so cold. I swapped my leather gloves for some ski gloves I found in the road the last time I summited Loveland Pass. At the summit of Loveland Pass, the digital thermometer on the bike indicated it was 37F. That's just too cold to be out riding in. It looks like today I rode for roughly 150 miles in approximately 3.5 hours.

The last time I summited Loveland Pass on the Africa Twin was 3 weeks ago on March 3rd, 2022, before we got pasted in snow for the last two weeks.

Pass Bagger 2022:

  • Kenosha Pass(Elevation 10,000 ft) - 3/25/2022
  • Red Hill Pass(Elevation 9,993 ft) - 3/25/2022
  • Hoosier Pass (Elevation 11,542 ft) - 3/25/2022
  • Loveland Pass (Elevation 11,991 ft) - 3/3/2022, 3/25/2022
  • I did notice that the clock on the Africa Twin is wrong because I need to make it spring forward.

    How to set the Clock (Time) on the Africa Twin

  • Hold the down SEL and SET button at the same time until the hour flashes
  • Once the hour is flashing you can then adjust hours, up or down, via the SEL switch
  • To move across to minutes click the SET button.
  • Once the minutes are flashing you can then adjust minutes, up or down, via the SEL switch.
  • When the time is correct you can hit the SET

  • Done!

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    March 24, 2022

    GoPro Video Files

    I wanted to try to find my Songs from the Yucatan videos of me and Jennifer singing down in Mexico. Like Simon & Garfunkle - Mrs Robinson, etc.

    I'm going to try to find my GoPro video files. I'm not sure what file format I was recording in. There's a few different options, it seems, but probably it was in the *.MP4 extension:

    So, I'll try to get my external drive turned on and see if I can find them.

    It looks like we were there from Day 1: Sunday March 26th, 2017 - Day 7: Friday April 1st, 2017.

    So, I'll scan my drives looking for any MP4 files within those dates.


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    March 21, 2022


    1/1/1995 - 12/31/1995
    American Axle & Mfg.
    Hamtramck, MI
    CIO Bob Thomas

    1/1/1996 - 12/31/1996
    Total Petroleum - Accused of using slave labor to build a pipeline in Burma.
    Denver, CO
    CIO Scott Topham

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    March 2, 2022

    2022 Motorcycle Adventures

    February was a brutal month. I still have a foot of snow in my front yard and my driveway just has two tire tracks with no snow and the rest of the driveway is snowed in. (3/2/2022).

    But the weather finally changed enough that I could get the Africa Twin up the driveway so I've been on a couple of rides recently.

    Sunday a week ago (2/20/2022), I pulled up to a guy on a motorcycle at the light in Aspen Park and introduced myself and told the guy we should ride. Surprisingly, I'd met him before, and he remembered me, and we've ridden together apparently. But "Larry" was up for a ride, so we went down Foxton Road to where it intersects with Jefferson County Road 96 aka SW Platte River Road. Along the way, he led, and he'd point out patches of snow/ice with his boots so I could avoid them.

    At Jefferson County Road 96 / SW Platte River Road, I took the lead and started heading up the river but after about 100 yards, the road was completely frozen over, and I turned around. Like, I'm not that stupid. The roads closer to the creek are colder and wetter, apparently. So, we rode back to Aspen Park, retracing our route.

    Then, this past Sunday (2/27/2022), I rode out to Lions Head near Staunton State Park. It's a really stunning park, and I just wanted to check out the road conditions before I went any further.

    On Monday (2/28/2022), I drove the Tahoe down US Hwy 285 to Bailey, then Grant, then a short distance north towards Guanella Pass (closed for the season). I just wanted to see what the road conditions were like on US Hwy 285.

    Yesterday (Tuesday 3/1/2022), I rode the Africa Twin up to Kenosha Pass (Summit Elevation 10,000 ft). That's the first time I've summited the pass this year.

    Today (Wednesday 3/2/2022), I rode the AT to Foxton Road, and then south down Foxton Road to the Platte River Road. Then, downstream until the pavement turned to dirt, and then there was snow/ice across the entire road at some point, so I turned back and returned the same way I came. I'm not really fond of the snow/ice on the road. Just trying to get out and do some riding while we have some warm days with temperatures in the 50's this week.

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