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December 19, 2018

The Master List of Pets

So, I'm going through some old photos and finding lots of photos of pets I don't recall, really. So, I thought I'd make a list of pets for posterity sake. So, without further adieu, here are the pets:

Current Pets:
Pokey (Pocahantus) - Pokey spent the night outside once, and Jen and I went looking for her.
PJ (Pokey Junior) - Wallie was PJ's mom (he was a good mom). (PJ and Tubby are siblings.)
Tubby (Prince Tubby) - Wallie was Tubby's mom (he was a good mom). (PJ and Tubby are siblings.)
Cliffie - Clifford is part black lab/part Great Dane. We adopted him from Foothills Animal shelter in Lakewood in January of 2015 (he was a late Christmas present for X-mas 2014). They told us he was a "Black Lab Mix".
Nathan - Jen's pet fish.


Previous Pets:

I believe the first cat we had was a calico named Jasmine (called "Kitty"). Jasmine is a Calico cat we adopted for Jennifer on December 28, 2007. Here's a photo of Jasmine from March of 2008. On Monday June 9th, of 2008, we lost Kitty. Kitty was grey, brown, and white. Kitty went out at night and never came back in. Jen asked me about Kitty in a grocery store. And I told her "Kitty didn't come home last night" and she just fell apart in my arms. The saddest day of my life. On June 26, 2008, I'm talking about a cat that we recently lost. Not 100% certain which cat I was referring to here, but I'm assuming that I'm talking about losing the calico cat named Jasmine, as I'm reasonably sure this was the only cat we'd ever had, at that point.

After Jasmine was Timmy (Timmers). He eventually went to live with the neightbors about the time that we time that we got Purl (also called "Kitty").

Kitty - On January 31, 2012, we adopted a grey cat named Kitty. Here's a photo from a week later on February 8, 2012 of Timmy and Purrrrrl. Here's another photo of Kitty from May 5, 2012. Kitty was a grey cat that didn't come home one night.

Wallie - Wallie was a beautiful black and white kitty and we had her for a while and then one night she just didn't come home. Wallie was always treated as a male cat, right up until the time he got pregnant. He had 4 kittens, and we gave two away to Jen's
classmates at Conifer, and we kept 2 (Prince Tubby(Tubby) and Pokey Junior (PJ)). Wallie had kittens around May 4, 2015, because the neighbors came over to see the kittens on May 4, 2015. I'm not really clear when we lost Wallie, but it seems to have been fairly recently, as this is a photo of Wallie on 3/18/2017.

Timmy - At some point, Timmy took up with the neighbors because I was on the road too much.

Bunners - Bunny we got back in Feb 11, 2006. We built him a rabbit hutch, which was rock solid. Then, we took him camping along Deer Creek up above Montezuma on Sunday, June 17, 2007, and he chewed through his leash and got away. It's on Page 75 in the book Killing Strangers, in the Chapter called "Killing Strangers". Here's another photo of Bunny from 8/5/2006.

On June 6th, of 2008, we caught a wild rabbit, and tried to keep him in the rabbit hutch, but Jennifer says that he was too wild and we had to let him go. Like, he was too crazy to keep in captivity and would run into the walls of the cage.

Slinky - Slinky was a Daschund that Michelle and I bought out in Limon, CO, shortly before Jennifer was born, in 1997 passed away and we buried her in the back yard. (May 7, 1997 - Dec 2, 2013).

We had many gerbils. I remember we even had a Gerbil Wedding, because they have to be married to have babies, right? Midnight and Snuggles - We had a female gerbil (Snuggles - first known photo April 5, 2005), and then a male gerbil (Midnight), and then, after Midnight and Snuggles got married, we had countless baby gerbils. Snuggles gave birth to 7 baby gerbils on May 28, 2005. Then, there was a 2nd litter. In the end, we had more gerbils than we could handle and we ended up just tossing them out into the fields. For a while, they lived in the neighbor's barn (the Jehova's Witnesses).

I got Jen an aquarium on April 3, 2008.

Badger - Badger was a pet quail we hatched from some eggs we were incubating in the basement, if I recall correctly. Slinky killed Badger when she got into the bedroom with him on 10/8/2010, unfortunately.

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