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May 18, 2022

Nevadaville, Co

This is roughly what my ride looked like today. Trying to get my riding in before Friday, May 20th, when we have a 100% chance of snow.

I went up Oh My God Road, aka Virginia Canyon. This road, in and of itself, is breath-taking. Old abandoned wooden buildings, quarries, and open mines. Looking south, you see Mount Evans, and several other snow-covered mountain peaks. At the summit, you'll find the ghost town of Russel Gulch. Then, I continued down to Nevadaville exit, and head up to Nevadaville, CO, another ghost town.

Then, I took another loop I think I've only done once before maybe - I went up Roy Smith Road. The map doesn't really show it going through, but it does sort of loop around and bring you back into the town of Russel Gulch via Ray Smith Road, if you can believe it.

Loop back around through Nevadaville again, then to Bald Mountain Cemetery, and up Bald Mountain Lane to Pisgah Lake Road (277) down to York Gulch Road (277) then down Fall River Road and home.

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May 15, 2022

Apex, Colorado

This is what my ride today looked like.

I was trying to basically go through Central City, then up through the old mining ghost town of Apex, Colorado, then up and over, down into Tolland, and west to the east portal of the Moffat tunnel. From there, my goal was to ride up to the Needle Eye Tunnel on the continental divide. But as I climbed up going west out of Apex on County Road 4-N, it was snowed in before I made it to Kingston Peak Road. So, I turned back and returned home pretty much the way I came. Another week or two and it should be open, I think.

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May 14, 2022

York Gulch Road

This was my little motorcycle ride today. Weather's been really nice, so I'm trying to get out and ride in the mountains where snow allows it.

Basically, from Central City, I go up Columbine Campground Road to Forest Service Road 739.1 to Pisgah Lake Road which turns into York Gulch Road, then back down into Idaho Springs. Last time I tried this, it was still snowed in. Today is the first time I've made this little loop (this year) without having to turn back due to snow.

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May 9, 2022

Spring Cleaning

Margie has been helping me with some of the Spring Cleaning.

On Saturday, I cleaned the kitchen while Margie helped me with other parts of the house.

Today, Monday May 9th, I cleaned the family room (with the fire-place). Got all of the stacked, split firewood off of the carpet. Stacked it out with the rest of the firewood outside on a slab of concrete. So the family room looks much better.

Went to buy a new cat tree from Wal-mart, but they didn't have any in stock, so I ordered one online. It should be here by Saturday.

Order# 4012266502857
Shipping, arrives by Sat, May 14

Also, Mountain Broadband came out and upgraded my connection so that it's much faster and gave me a new static IP address. Robert came up and updated PeenieWallie.com so that it now has the new IP address, and got www.PeenieWallie.com working again with the new connection.



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