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October 2, 2017

Auto/Motorcycle Adventure Compilation

I'm going to document my motorcycle adventures. I feel like I've documented these trips before, but when I search for it, I can't find it, so here goes. (Here is the previous Motorcycle Adventure list.)

-- Car/Automobile Roadtrip/Adventures --
Road trip to the Lost Coast/Eureka. In 2004/2005, I was working in South San Francisco at Genentech. I bought a light blue Honda Prelude and, when the project was winding down, I drove it to Eureka and back, to check out the Lost Coast and the redwood forests. This was over one weekend in January (1/22/2005 - 1/23/2005).

Road trip to Chula Vista. In 2004/2005, I was working in South San Francisco at Genentech. I bought a Prelude, Here's a photo of the Prelude on the beach in Pismo Beach. I know I drove it as far as Lompoc based on the photos. I believe that I drove it down to the border at Chula Vista, planning on driving to El Salvador, chickened out, drove it back to South City, and sold it to a local dealer there and flew home.

-- Motorcycle Roadtrip/Adventures --

1st Baja Trip. In October of 2009, In 8 days, I traveled over 2,000 miles across Baja California alone on a 2006 Honda XR650R. From San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back.

Ride around Lake Michigan. In October of 2010, I rode around Lake Michigan on a 1994 Honda XR650L. We rode approximately 800 miles over 3 days. The map was roughly like this.

1st Alaska Trip. On March 31, 2011, I bought a 2004 Honda XR650L in Petaluma and rode it back to SF. Then, in August of 2011, I rode it from San Francisco to Hyder Alaska and back. This was the longest roadtrip I'd ever been on on a bike. 2 weeks. 4,000 miles.

1st SF to Denver Trip. Then, in September/October of 2011, I rode the same 2004 Honda XR650L from San Francisco to Denver. 1,437.9 miles over 5 days. This was the first time I ever rode from CA to CO. I had never before even considered it, as it was just not something I'd imagined possible.

Failed Trip to Pismo. May 14-May 17th, 2012, I tried to drive a 1993 Honda XR650L from SF to Pismo Beach. The bike broke down on me on the Pacific Coast Highway and I abandoned it on the side of the road and caught the Amtrak back to SF.

1st Denver to SF trip. In June of 2012, I rode the 2004 Honda XR650L from Denver back to SF via Yellowstone. This was 7 days, and roughly 2,150 miles.

Pismo Beach. In July of 2012, I rode the 2004 Honda XR650L down to Pismo and back. (I have scads of photos from this trip. I just never posted them for whatever reason.)

2nd SF to Denver Trip. In May of 2013, (as soon as Tioga Pass opened), I rode the 2004 Honda XR650L from SF back to Denver via Yosemite. 1,314 miles over 3 days.

2013 Trip to Panama City, Panama. Went from Moline, Illinois to Panama, & from Jackson, MS - Goodland, KS. In May of 2013, I flew to Illinois picked up my new KTM. Rode the bike to Panama City in 32 days. (From May 20, 2013 - June 20th.) Had it FedEx'ed back to Jackson, Mississippi in June. I drove it from Jackson, MS to Tullahoma, TN and then to Kansas. So, the trip was roughly 8,044 miles in 2 months (May 20-July 19).

2nd Alaska Trip. This was in July/August of 2014. Rode the KTM 10,500 miles in 28 days. Denver to Deadhorse,Alaska and back.

Trip to Kino Bay. In December of 2015, I rode the KTM down to Kino Bay, Guaymas, and San Carlos. 10 days. 2,735 miles.

2nd Denver to SF trip. In July of 2016, I rode the KTM from Denver to SF by way of June Lake. Rode 1,013 miles on the first day. Then rolled into SF the next day.

Rode the KTM from San Francisco to San Diego to Riverside
. In July of 2016, after spending a few days in San Francisco, I rode the KTM down to San Diego and then to Riverside.

2nd Baja Trip. In July of 2016, I rode the KTM down to Bahia De Los Angeles. 4 days. 1,247 miles.

Riverside to Oakland. In September of 2016, I rode the KTM up to Oakland. I had some problems with the clutch, so on 9/29/16, I left it to be repaired at LG Moto in Richmond, CA and flew back to Riverside.

Oakland to Riverside. In October of 2016, I fly back to Oakland, get the KTM, and ride it back to Riverside in a day.

July 7 2017 - Flew to Little Rock, Arkansas. Caught Uber/Lyft to pick up my new 2017 Honda Africa Twin. Rode it back to Denver in 24 hours. (Spent the night somewhere in Kansas)

July 2017 - Stayed in CA for the weekend. Rode KTM up to Pismo, SLO, Morro Bay, Cambria and back.

Ride KTM back to Oakland via Central Valley. On Sunday, Sep 24th, 2017, I fly to LAX, get on the KTM, and ride it back to Oakland in a day. Then I work in Oakland for the week.

3rd SF to Denver Trip. For 3 days, I ride the KTM back to Denver. 1,364 miles in 3 days.

Ride AT from Denver to Lima
Day 1 [Monday 11/13/17] - Day 59 [Wed 1/10/2018]
Starting Odometer: 4,603 miles
Ending Odometer: 13,695 miles
Total Mileage: 9,092 miles

Rode AT from Denver to Columbia, SC and back.
Outbound: Day 1 [Wed 10/16/19] - Day 5 [Sun 10/20/19].
Return: Day 1 [Wed 11/13/19] - Day 6 [Mon 11/18/19].

Here's a link to all of my vehicles.

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