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October 23, 2020

Warren Fulton

Tonight, I was watching TV and saw my buddy Warren Fulton again. He and I went to Tulane together. This time, he was on Cold Case Files Classic: A Knock at the Door / Shattered 1:42. They didn't mention him, but I just recognized the photos of him and his girlfriend: Warren Hudson Fulton III and Rachael Angelica Raver. It looks like they executed the serial killer in 2015.

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October 19, 2020

2020 Colorado Motorcycle Adventure w Steve and Vince

Just returned from a little motorcycle ride with Vince and Steve. I rode 1,300 miles over 4 days in October with 2 of the coolest guys on earth.

On Friday (10/16/2020), Vince and I met in Conifer (he had ridden down from Fort Collins, I think), then rode to Saguache where we met Steve. I believe he had ridden from Fruita to meet us. Then, the three of us rode to Pagosa Springs where we spent the night. Map shows 244 miles. Odometer shows 260 miles.

The next day (Saturday 10/17/2020), the 3 of us got up and rode into Bayfield for breakfast, then to Vallecito Reservoir, Lemon Reservoir, Durango, Cortez, over Lizard Head Pass and down into Telluride, Norwood > Naturita > Uravan > Gateway > Whitewater > Fruita. Map shows 378 miles. Odometer shows 379 miles.

On Sunday, Vince and I planned to return from our little adventure. The 3 of us got up and rode over Grand Mesa, down into Cedaredge for lunch. Then, the plan was to split up - Steve would return to Fruita, and Vince and I would take 133 over McLure Pass, down into Glenwood Springs and return via I-70. But the traffic on I-70 east-bound on a Sunday afternoon was just too much for me. Traffic was stop-and-go. I rode down the shoulder for some distance, before I turned around and rode back to Fruita. Vince continued on and managed to make it home on Sunday as planned. I returned to Fruita and told Steve we'd have to try again tomorrow.

So today (Monday), I got up and thanked Steve and Karen for their gracious hospitality, and hopped on I-70 and headed East. Steve suggested I take US 50 back (the scenic route), but instead, I just took the interstate because I'm lazy, I guess. Now, we need to get the photos from Steve's camera. :P

This is where we rode:

Day 1: Friday 10/16/2020 Conifer > Saguache > Pagosa Springs. Map shows 244 miles.
Starting Odometer: 42,826
Ending Odometer: 43,086
Day 1 Miles according to odometer: 43,086 - 42,826 = 260 miles
Total Trip Miles according to odometer: 43,086 - 42,826 = 260 miles

Day 2: Saturday 10/17/2020 Pagosa Springs > Bayfield > Vallicito Lake > Lemon Reservoir > Durango > Cortez > Dolores > Rico > Lizard Head Pass > Telluride > Norwood > Naturita > Uravan > Gateway > Whitewater > Fruita. Map shows 378 miles.
Starting Odometer: 43,086 miles
Ending Odometer: 43,465 miles
Day 2 Miles according to odometer: 43,465 - 43,086 = 379 miles
Total Trip Miles according to odometer: 43,465 - 42,722 = 743 miles

Day 3: Sunday 10/18/2020 Fruita > Grand Mesa > Cedaredge > Paonia > McLure Pass > Glenwood Springs > Fruita. Map shows 283 miles.
Starting Odometer: 43,465 miles
Ending Odometer: 43,754 miles
Day 3 Miles according to odometer: 43,754 - 43,465 = 289 miles
Total Trip Miles according to odometer: 43,754 - 42,722 = 1,032 miles

Day 4: Monday 10/19/2020 Fruita > Grand Junction > Palisade > Parachute > Rifle > Glenwood Springs > Eagle > Vail > Silverthorne > Georgetown > Evergreen. Map shows 240 miles.
Starting Odometer: 43,754 miles
Ending Odometer: 44,018 miles
Day 4 Miles according to odometer: 44,018 - 43,754 = 264 miles
Total Trip Miles according to odometer: 44,018 - 42,722 = 1,296 miles

Now, if we can just figure out how to get the photos off of Steve's camera...

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October 14, 2020

Leadville Campaign

This is my little 250 mile motorcycle ride from today. I crossed the following passes, in order: Eisenhower Tunnel, Vail Pass, Shrine Pass (up and back down), Tennessee Pass, Fremont Pass, Eisenhower Tunnel.

I rode through Dillon, Frisco, Vail, Minturn, Red Cliff, Turquoise Lake, Leadville, Copper, Frisco, Dillon, home.


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October 10, 2020

Steamboat Springs and back

Today, I rode to Steamboat Springs and back, about 350 miles. Mostly, I'm just trying to get some riding in while the weather is nice. Before the temperature drops and the snows come.

I've been thinking back on some rides I did several years ago, when I was riding a lot in this general area. It seems to me that I was riding around Grand County, Summit County, Routt County, Eagle County.

I was hitting a lot of trails and passes like Mosquito Pass, Webster Pass, Shrine Pass (Pass from Vail Pass down into RedCliff), Middle Fork of the Swan River, etc.

(I do see some references to Shrine Pass in 2010).

At some point, it seems like I did a ride north of I-70, that cut through and came out north of I-70, on Colorado Highway 9, somewhere between Silverthorne and Kremmling.

So, in any event, today, I took I-70 west, then took US 40 west to Empire, over Berthoud Pass, down into Winter Park, Fraser, Granby (stopped for gas in Granby), Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, then up and over Rabbit Ears Pass, and down into Steamboat Springs.

Now, I should mention that there's a problem with Rabbit Ears Pass. And I remember this problem from the last time I was here. The problem is that somehow, I end up on the wrong side of the continental divide. Let's say there are 2 sides to the continental divide: Atlantic and Pacific. So, I start off on the Atlantic side. Then, I cross Berthoud Pass. Now, I'm on the Pacific side, following the Colorado River, which runs dry before it ever makes it to the Sea of Cortez. Then, when I get to Rabbit Ears Pass, it shows that I'm crossing back to the Pacific Side as I go down the hill into Steamboat Springs. But I was already on the Pacific Side. I crossed over to the pacific side once I crossed Berthoud Pass. So, this is quite a conundrum.

OK. Muddy Pass. That's the pass that I missed. I've discovered this before. I vaguely remember dealing with this last time. The 2 passes are only 3 miles apart.

My route looks something like this:

I can't really say that I remember Steamboat Springs, because I didn't. At all. All I remembered was Rabbit Ears Pass, and then rolling down into town. My guess is I've only been in Steamboat Springs once or twice in my life. But it's a very cool little town, and I hit it at peak season for the colors, with the aspens changing to yellow and orange.

I got into town at about 3:00 pm, which really didn't give me a lot of time to hang out, as I have to be home before dark due to the danger of colliding with wildlife. So, I ate at a McDonalds on the south end of town. I ate inside, which you weren't supposed to do. So, they told me to leave, so I finished my burger and just left all of my trash where I was eating. They were yelling at me to clean up my trash, but I just ignored them.

Took some pics of the river that flows through Steamboat Springs, then I started plotting a route back to civilization. I'd seen a sign when I was coming north into town that showed a turn for I-70, if I'm not mistaken. So, I figured I'd go back that way. So, when I was leaving Steamboat Springs, just on the south end of town, I followed the sign for I-70, and it basically routed me down Colorado State Highway 131. It follows a railroad bed from Steamboat Springs down to I-70, basically.

It's about 70 miles from Steamboat Springs down to Wolcott on I-70. But what surprised me is that I'm almost certain I've never been on this road before. It was a very nice ride, with the aspens changing, and all. And then, just before I get to I-70, I recognize where I am. There's a bridge across a river, and a very, very, very small town (basically only one building), and a sign that says "State Bridge". The name of the road is Trough Road. I'm almost certain this is the road/cut-through I was looking for. I'm pretty sure that I took this road, back in the day, and it came out at or near Kremmling. So, that's another road to explore.

Then, I kept going south until I hit I-70, and the funny thing is I remembered where I was when I got to the I-70 intersection. A sort of Deja Vu.

Then, I just took off, hell bent for leather on I-70 east-bound. Stopped for gas in Frisco.

There was a backup coming down into Georgetown (again). So, I'm driving down the shoulder. Exit at Georgetown. This time, there was an 18-wheeler on the shoulder of I-70 burned to a crisp. I stopped to shoot some pics, and the idiots at the truck were just dog-cussing me, as if I care.

Got home about 6:15 pm. Trying to get home before it gets dark and I hit another deer (I didn't hit another deer....I'm just afraid of hitting another deer, so I try to make it home before 6:00 pm). I end up getting home at about 6:15 pm.

The ride for the day was about 340 miles, and about 6 hours.

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