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March 20, 2018

Catching Up

So, I've decided that I want to make a video of some sorts out of my trip. Now, I have to root around and see what videos I captured on the trip. But, the first thing I want to find is the video(s) that Jen and I made from our trips to mexico last year. Last year, we went to Cancun/Chichen Itza/Tulum for Spring break, and then to Los Cabos, Todos Santos, and La Paz in the Summer. And I know we made at least one video from all of that, if not 2. One of them was to the song Hero.

1) Find video Hero.
2) Find GoPro footage from trip.
3) Identify the 2 guys I was riding with in Colombia and Ecuador.
4) Identify the people I was riding with in Honduras. I believe that the people I was riding with in Honduras was Michelle Davis (michelleleighdavis@gmail.com) and M'hamed Jebbanema (mjebb@yahoo.com).
5) Identify the 2 guys I was riding with in Colombia and Ecuador. - It was Carlos & ?. I have his contact in WhatsApp.

So, if I launch iMovie, and click on "Audio" at the top, I do see the audio for Hero in here. Then I see a bunch of audio recordings from my 2nd trip to Alaska, which is pretty cool.

Hmmm. I do see my video for Guanella Pass that I made shortly before I left. That makes me think that maybe I copied my video off from last year with Jennifer. I might have copied that off. Let me see if I copied it onto my S drive.

OK. So, I located a few things. Here's the location where I was uploading my files on a daily basis:


So, this is where I was uploading my files on the road from the MacBook Air. I'd pick a few of my favorite photos, and upload them to this file location. The thought being that, if I ever crashed and burned and totally destroyed my MacBook Air and my backups, then at least I'd have these photos anyway.

Export of MacBook Air before leaving Colorado:

Also, there is a file somewhere that shows date time stamps on all of the videos I exported on the road, as Apple Sux and loses the date time stamp on the videos when you export them.

I don't see our video from Mexico with the song "Hero" anywhere. Not clear where it is.

OK. Now, I want to focus on finding my GoPro videos from the trip. These videos would not be something that I was uploading on the road, as they're too large. So, these videos would only be on my MacBook Air, or else on one of the 2 external drives that I took with me on the trip.

Now, I'm certain that I took two external drives with me. Right now, I only see one lying around. Big surprise. It's a Seagate 4 TB drive. OK. This is the one we want, I think. It's a new one I got for the trip, apparently.

OK. So, it looks like I exported all of my videos from iphotos(*.mkv) on 1/3/2018. Yeah..this looks right. Yeah...OK...and, I remember that a few videos I kept on the local drive (death-defying ride through Honduras, etc).

Date-time Stamp Secret Decoder Ring: This web page seems to have videos, along with the date time stamp which is lost at the time the videos are exported because Apple sucks so fucking hard:


But, if I just focus on the videos that are still in the laptop....just go to iPhoto - Videos, and there are a lot of videos in here.

Some of the vidoes are from my iPhone 6s Plus(IMG_XXXX.MOV). Some of the videos are from the GoPro cameras (GOPR9999.MP4).

The still shots I was apparently exporting as follows:

and 2 weeks later, when I calmed down a little...

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March 16, 2018

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is Fired

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired, just days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension after determining that he lied to investigators reviewing the bureau's probe of Hillary Clinton's email server.

McCabe became acting director of the FBI after Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017. McCabe led the bureau, independently, until Aug. 2, 2017 -- during the early months of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and potential collusion with Trump campaign associates.

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I Got My Motorcycle Back Today :)

Well, it was a long process, but I did finally reclaim my motorcycle today. I rode out to:

Gallagher Transport
4700 Oakland, Suite 140
Denver, CO 80239

Then from there, I went to pick up my motorcycle at:

Forward Air
4555 Geneva St, Denver, CO 80238
Phone: (303) 373-0204

They managed to load the Honda (still in the crate) into the M101-A1 Army Trailer.

So, it took a while, but I did finally get the motorcycle back.

I flew back to Denver on 1/10/2018, and then picked up my motorcycle on 3/16/2018. So, it took 66 days, or roughly 2 months and 1 week to get the bike back. Ugh.

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March 13, 2018

More Changes at the Whitehouse

Rex Tillerson out as Secretary of State, replaced by Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA.
Mike Pompeo, director of the CIA, will be replaced by Gina Haspel. Gina will become the first woman to head the CIA.

Here's why Tillerson was fired:

Mike Pompeo is going to be Secretary of State for one reason -- NK negotiations. Trump is bringing in the closer.

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March 9, 2018

Importing Motorcycle

Fill out the following forms:
Documents Description
1 CBP Form 3299 Instructions.docx Instructions for completion of U.S. Customs Form 3299
2 CPB3299.pdf U.S. Customs Form 3299
3 Supplemental Declaraction Instructions.docx Supplemental Declaration Instructions
4 Supplemental Dec.pdf Supplemental Declarations for Unaccompanied Personal and Household Effects
5 POA Instructions.doc Power of Attorney Instructions
6 POA CBP 5291 HHG.pdf Power of Attorney
7 EPA 3520-1 2016.pdf Importation of Motor Vehicles Subject to Federal Air Pollution Regulations
8 DOT HS-7 2016.pdf Delclaration Importation of Motor Vehicles Subject to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety

Freight is due to leave Lima on 3/10.

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March 2, 2018

Missing Slideshows

So, today I noticed that, over the last 20 years or so, I've not done a great job of organizing/consolidating all of my slideshows behind the scenes.

In theory, the slideshows should be archived at the following location:

w:\my slideshows

But one of my slideshows, which I couldn't locate easily, was stored here:

W:\My Pictures\_2010\website_photos_high_res\littlebird\littlebird.flk

Searching for *.flk will find all of the orphans, I think.


Now that I look at my NAS drives, due to space constraints, I've decided to move all of my slideshows to:


So, I'm moving these over now. It's about 40 gig of photos. It says 18 hours remaining. I find that hard to imagine. It started at 7:15 p.m. on Friday 3/2/2018. Now it says 3 hours. That seems more reasonable.

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