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January 31, 2019

Fixing the Cat Door

Last summer, a bear destroyed about 1/3 of a wooden door, attempting to gain access to my garage. I'm not 100% certain it was a bear, but it's hard for me to imagine what other type of animal could break through a solid wood door.

In any event, it's been broken for some time, and wasn't really an issue until winter came. Now, my garage has been freezing cold (more cold than necessary) because my garage door to the outside had a hole in it a bear could crawl through.

So today, I finally broke down and ran down to Home Depot and bought some plywood to patch the hole the bear made. I ended up making two trips, but I did manage to get the inside part of the job patched. Tomorrow, I'll finish doing the outside part of the job, as the cat door has 2 parts, inside and outside.

After that, I'm need to move some of the toys down into the barn. I have too many vehicles in the garage at this point. Right now, I have 3 motorcycles, 1 ATV, and a BMW X3 in the garage. I'm going to rearrange vehicles by putting 2 of the motorcycles in the barn. Hopefully, some of the snow will melt so that I can get the motorcycles down there, as we currently have about a foot of snow on the ground.

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January 30, 2019

Audio Issues

I'm having some problems with my audio on my laptop. I'm not clear what is causing the issue. It happens whether I'm on the internet, or playing videos that have been saved onto my local network. So, it doesn't appear to be related to bandwith issues. Very frustrating.

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Daily Tasks

Today, I took the 2004 BMW X3 down the hill to the Taj Mahal and got my plates renewed. The title is in Jennifer's name, but that didn't seem to be an issue. The insurance is in my name. The car is titled at my address. They didn't need to do an emissions test because it had passed a mobile emissions test somewhere/somehow? So they gave me new stickers and I put them on the license plate. Also, they gave me two pieces of paper as proof of registration: one goes in my wallet, one goes in the car glove box. The one that goes in the glove box doesn't have your home address on it, in case someone steals your car, apparently.

Then, I came home and got the green Honda ATV running. I had charged the battery overnight, pulled the air filter, sprayed some starter fluid into the carb, choked it, and it fired up. I ran it around the yard some, but the snow is really too deep at this point to be playing around on it. So I put it back in the garage.

Then, I tried to get my cat door installed in the side door to the garage, because a bear tore my door apart. I found some plywood and my skill saw, but before I started cutting, I took a few measurements, and realized that I can't get my cat door to open and/or close. At all. So, it's just locked shut, and nothing on this earth will open it. P.O.S. I will call them tomorrow.

Sun has set. It's 5:20 p.m. I'm sick as a dog. So, I got in bed, took some medicine. Hopefully I'll live until the morning.

Oh yeah. One other thing. Somehow, all of our mailboxes are left open every day. I assume that the mailman is doing this, but today, 3 mailboxes were wide-ass open in the middle of the day. I'm not saying anything was taken, but this is not what you want to see when you go to your mailbox. THis is the 2nd day in the row it has happened. Yesterday, 2 mail boxes were open. Today, 3 were open. I'm going to set up my gamecam and see wtf is going on.

Charging the batteries for the gamecam now: 5:30 PM MST.

Called Bud and Alice. Neither one of them bothered to answer. Walked over, found out they're in Florida. Told Kate that I was going to set up the gamecam on her fence and see WTF is going on with the mailboxes. (But I have to charge some more AA batteries tonight. They're on charge now.)

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January 29, 2019

Fixing the Beamer

I've been working on slowly getting the BMW up to speed. When I took possession of it from Jennifer, pretty much every warning light on the car was on. I've been slowly getting them to go off. One of the last ones that I'm battling was a light bulb indicator, which turned out to be a brake light. Doh!

So, I ordered a light bulb replacement from Amazon which arrived today. It's all I can do to get the BMW out of the driveway, and it always takes at least 3 tries, as the snow is over a foot deep in the driveway. We've had more snow this winter (January) than we have in the 20+ years I've lived here.

But, fortunately, the brake light bulb was in the mailbox. Woohoo! (Anyone that isn't using Amazon Prime is just clueless.)

So, tomorrow, when it warms up a tad, I'll go out and see if this doesn't fix my brake light issue.

If that works, then I'll go down the hill and see if I can pass inspection and get my registration current. :P

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PeenieWallie Lives!

Wow. So, that really sucked. Still not sure what happened, but my best guess at this point is that every single network card connected to my LAN failed at the same time. I was able to get PeenieWallie running again by ordering 2 USB to Ethernet adapters, which were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but got here today.

So, I was able to bypassthe failed ethernet connections on two of my computers:

1) Upstairs notebook running Windows 7. The old ethernet card was IP address The new ethernet card has the IP address of

2) Changed the My Essentials Firewall > Virtual servers to route incoming traffic on port 80 to the new address of

3) Downstairs desktop running XP.The downstairs PC has so many ethernet ports displayed on the taskbar that I'll never begin to grasp how/why it is the way it is. However, I pretty much don't use that PC anymore, so not overly concerned with this.

4) Wasn't sure why I couldn't see my NAS (Network Addressable Storage) devices downstairs, but when I looked at it again tonight, I saw that my switch was disconnected. So, I reconnected my switch to the router, and now I have my network back, along with all of my NAS, and both computers working, and PeenieWallie running. Lord. There's a reason other people don't do this. It's because they're smarter than me.

Many thanks to Robert Racansky for helping me to diagnose/troubleshoot the issues I was facing. Don't think I'd have figured it out without his help.

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January 22, 2019

Cousins - Madison, MS - 12/22/2010

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January 20, 2019

Nightly PeenieWallie Backup/Archive

I have a scheduled backup/archive of my pw web server every morning at 3:00 a.m.

The backup is copying/archiving the entire pw website as described below:

1) It stops the MySQL database, and then dumps/exports the MySQL database to the following location:


[deleted backups prior to 1/1/2019]

2) It copies the MySQL data files ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 to the following locations:

copy ib_logfile0 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile0
copy ib_logfile0 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile0_%DATEN%
copy ib_logfile1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile1
copy ib_logfile1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile1_%DATEN%
copy ibdata1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ibdata1
copy ibdata1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ibdata1_%DATEN%

[deleted backups prior to 1/1/2019]

3) It stops the Apache web server, and then runs SyncToy to copy all of the static files in the "D:\Inetpub" folder structure to the "S:\pw\Inetpub" folder structure.

So, these are where my nightly backups/archives are going. Now, I've cleaned them up some by deleting all of the backups that were created before 1/1/2019.

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Drive Mappings

So, as I'm searching my 3 different NAS (Network Addressable Servers), I discovered that my W:\ drive and my Z:\ drive are both mapped to the same servers. The only difference is that the Z:\ drive is mapped a little deeper than the W:\ drive. To wit:

W drive is mapped as: \\WDShareSpace\Public
Z drive is mapped as: \\WDShareSpace\Public\My Pictures

OK. Fair enough.

I'm also starting to notice that, as I search my drives for specific files, I'm finding about 5-6 copies of each file, such as follows:
FOIA.jpg is in the following locations:


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Microsoft Security Essentials

So, Microsoft Security Essentials has identified this file:

Items detected on your PC require further analysis. By sending the files listed below, you can help Microsoft analysts determine whether these items are malicious.


Send selected.

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Christmas Tree Surprise

Whenever Jen and I went into the forests to cut down a Christmas Tree, Santa would always sneak a stuffed animal into the tree, which manifested itself once the tree hit the ground. Here's one from 12/5/2009 that never made it onto Peenie Wallie for whatever reason.

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January 18, 2019

Garmin Tracks

So, as I'm going through my old photos and organizing them so that I can find them, and they're not spread across 3 different NAS servers, it occurs to me that I need to reorganize my Garmin (*.gpx) tracks as well. Like, any server I uploaded my .gpx tracks to (expecting them to store/display my data in perpetuity), has long since deleted my .gpx tracks. So, it's basically up to me to store and organize my .gpx tracks, as no company can ever be trusted with your data.

My current plan to is move the files onto my s:\ drive, as s:\Garmin\.

So, I searched my W:\ drive for *.gpx.
Now, let's start moving these over to the S:\Garmin location.

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January 14, 2019

The Cousins in Breckenridge, CO - March 2009

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January 8, 2019

Tincup Pass: Tincup to St Elmo


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January 7, 2019


I'm not sure when we lost Wallie (Wally?). One night he just didn't come home. He was a good mom. He's a photo of Wallie from 12/9/2016.

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