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April 30, 2022

Georgia Pass, Boreas Pass

Today, I decided I'd ride into Park County and check on Georgia Pass and Boreas Pass. It's not that I think that they're open, more just sort of checking up on them to make sure they're not open.

So, after feeding my neighbor's goats, I decided to break out and try to hit the passes.

I walk his goats at 1:00 pm, but didn't get away until 3:00 pm for whatever reason. I ride out this way fairly frequently, and I've decided that the following measurements are fairly close to being right:

Home > Bailey = 20 minutes/20 miles

Home > Grant = 30 minutes/30 miles

Home > Kenosha Pass = 40 minutes/40 miles

At Jefferson, I turn north and try to make it up to Georgia Pass. I made it as far as Michigan Creek Campgrounds, but past that, the roads were snowed in and muddy, and I couldn't make it up to Georgia Pass or to the lakes on Michigan Creek.

So, I decided to check on Boreas Pass. Basically, head south back to US Hwy 285, then south to Como. From Como, I went up to the trailhead for Boreas Pass, but ran into a locked gate. The road does continue up the valley, and I did continue up the valley for a bit, but then it got too muddy, and I turned back.

The camp grounds and road on the south side of Kenosha Pass are still locked for the season.

So, it's still too early to be crossing the continental divide anywhere near the front range, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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April 22, 2022

Goose Creek Road (Matukat Road, Forest Service Road 211)

So today, I decided to go for a little ride which I've done before. It looks like I rode this same route almost exactly a year ago.


Planned Route:

Basically, the planned route is to leave Conifer/Aspen Park on US Highway 285 South down to Bailey, Colorado. From there, take Park County Road 68, a dirt road that goes south east down towards Wellington Lake.

At Windy Peak Outdoor Lab, the road crosses into Jefferson County and changes from Park County Road 68 to Jefferson County Road 105 (another dirt road). At Wellington Lake, for whatever reason, the road changes to Jefferson County Road 560 (also known as Stoney Pass Road). Eventually, this road intersects with Forest Service Road 211 (Matukat Road aka also known as Goose Creek Road), and I turn right on Goose Creek Road, heading roughly south and west. Eventually, Forest Service Road 211 (Matukat Road aka Goose Creek Road)) T's off into Park County Road 77 (Tarryall Creek Road).

Then, I will ride north into Jefferson, then north-east on US Hwy 285 back to Conifer/Aspen Park.

My planned route looked basically like this.

That was the plan, anyway. It's a route I've done before, and so I was comfortable heading down this path, even as as massive cloud front was clearly approaching from the west.

The Ride:

There's a front moving in as I head southwest towards my planned route. Strong winds from the west, and lots of ominous clouds hanging over the mountains to the west. It's times like this that I wonder why I don't bother to check the forecast of the areas I'll be riding through, before I leave the house. But this is where we are.

It was a beautiful ride, and I, once I left hard-top, I talked to other people I that met on the dirt roads along the way, and they assured me there was no snow on the road, which was probably my greatest concern. It was windy, and it was clear that a front was moving in from the west. But I figured that, as long as it wasn't snowing, I'd be OK.

At some point along this route, I happened upon a scene I was not expecting. Basically, a black Ford Windstar minivan had managed, somehow, to leave the dirt road and was precariously balanced on the side of the mountain. A total stranger happened by in a maroon Ford truck and stopped to assist the minivan. As I pulled up, they were attempting to get the minivan back onto the mountain road. I gave some suggestions as to how to rig the tow strap to the minivan, and how to position the truck, so that both vehicles didn't go tumbling down the face of the mountain.

Fortunately, the driver of the truck was able to pull the minivan back onto the road and I assume that everyone made it home safely.

I continued along along Forest Service Road 211 (Stoney Pass Road) until it T'd off into Park County Road 77 (Tarryall Creek Road), where I turned north, heading towards Jefferson. 2 fire department vehicles with their red lights rolling came by me heading north towards Jefferson. At some point, they turned around and headed back south, for whatever reason. As I continued north towards Jefferson, I passed 4 more additional fire department vehicles heading south with their red lights rolling.

I always forget how nice this part of the ride is on Park County Road 77 (Tarryall Creek Road). But I didn't really have any time to stop and shoot photos, as I was on a deadline to get home and feed the pets.

Fortunately, to the best of my knowledge, everyone made it hope safely.

2:26 pm - Left the house. Trip Meter: 0.0.
3:14 pm - Wellington Lake. Trip Meter: 34.0.
3:48 pm - Goose Creek Road. Trip Meter 44.3.
4:05 pm - Keep right on Goose Creek Road (Forest Service Road 211).
4:33 pm - Helped get mini-van back onto the road. Trip Meter: 53.0
4:50 pm - Reached the summit of the mountain road. 60.2.
5:01 pm - Hit hardtop at Matukat Rd/ Park County Road 77.
5:40 pm - Town of Jefferson. 99.0

Here's a post from when I followed the same route last year.

Update: Looks like Cody did the same route on the same day on his motorcycle. Crazy coincidence.

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April 21, 2022

Middle Park

I discovered some time ago that, not only is there a "South Park", but there's also a "North Park". But I'm not clear that I was ever aware there is a "MIddle Park" also. I stumbled across Middle Park today on a little 200 mile motorcycle ride through Kremmling.


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Kremmling, CO

Today, I went for a little motorcycle ride since we're having such nice weather. Basically, I went like this:

Marshdale > Evergreen > Idaho Springs > Georgetown > Empire > Berthoud Pass > Winter Park > Fraser > Tabernash > Granby > Hot Sulphur Springs > Kremmling > Heeney > Silverthorne > Eisenhower Tunnel > Georgetown > Idaho Springs > Evergreen > Marshdale.

I always like the part between Granby and Kremmling. There's a part where you're going through a canyon, following a river that's pretty nice. And in the middle of it is this little town of Hot Sulphur Springs. Very cool spot.

Looks like I went about 200 miles in just under 4 hours. The lowest temperature I recorded was 59F at Berthoud Pass.

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April 20, 2022

Loveland Pass/Peru Creek/Montezuma

So today, I rode up to Loveland Pass. Really nice out. Warm. Partly sunny.

Temperature when I left the house was 71F.

There was a bad crash at the main intersection in Evergreen. Hard to believe but it happened.

Then Loveland Pass. 44F. Then down to A-Basin and Keystone, up to Peru Creek and Montezuma. Peru Creek is closed until May 20, apparently.

Then back via I70 and Eisenhower Tunnel.

My ride looked something like this.

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April 19, 2022

Berthoud Pass, Jones Pass & Guanella Pass

Today, I went to the trailhead for Jones Pass, but only snowmobiles were on it.
Then, up Berthoud Pass to the summit. Then back down to Georgetown and up to where Guanella Pass is blocked for the season.

Distance: 126 miles
Time: 3.5 hrs
Temp: 54F - 72F

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April 18, 2022

Squaw Pass and Old Squaw Pass

Today, I rode over Squaw Pass and Old Squaw Pass Road, up to Echo Lake. Then, down into Idaho Springs. Then up to Georgetown, and then back down the hill on I70. This was the first time this year, as there is still a lot of snow on the shoulders of the road up around Echo Lake. The temperature was mostly in the 50's. About 54F most of the time.

My ride looked something like this.

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April 5, 2022

FLT 185 Plane Crash Near Pittsburgh in 1994

This plane crashed very near me as we were driving back from the world premier of Shawshank Redemption. I was in a group at EDS that ran MSA/M&D Payroll/HR systems and I was talking to some potential clients in PA and Ohio in 1994. We drove from Pittsburgh to Mansfield, Ohio and were there for the opening night of the Shawshank Redemption on Tuesday, September 13, 1994.

Then, we drove back to Pittsburgh and, on the way back, a commercial jet crashed very close to us, killing everyone on board. Flew straight into the ground with all of the engines running full throttle. This was US Air Flt 427.September 8, 1994. So, in my mind, the dates are off by about a week, because I thought the plane crashed after the Shawshank Redemption Premier, but both events happened within 5 days of each other and this was roughly 27 years 6 months 28 days ago.

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