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July 21, 2019

And another makes 5

It started pouring this evening. At about 10:30 p.m., PJ came in dry, as he was under the 18' dual axle trailer w/ brakes. Then, at about 11:00 p.m., I caught another raccoon. This is the 2nd one I've trapped this year in the kitchen. Three last fall, and now 2 this summer. So, I take him out in the front yard and "release" him. At about 11:30 p.m., Prince Tubby comes in DRENCHED. I dry him off as best I can.

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July 18, 2019

The Return of the Coons

I came back tonight from Sonic, and heard a loud rustling noise in the house. Sounded like one of the cats in a full scale panic. Go into the family room, and there's a raccoon on top of the family room curtains. Great. He climbs down and runs out the cat door.

So, I guess it's time to set the camera back up to monitor the cat door.

Here's the directions from when I set up the camera last time.

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July 14, 2019

The Places We Played

I'm trying to document where we used to take Jen when we wanted to go play, have a birthday party, etc.

One of the places was JumpStreet. This is on the corner of Bowles and Kipling. 10081 W Bowles Ave. Littleton, CO 80127.

One of the other places was Fat City at 9670 W Coal Mine Ave, Littleton, CO 80123. This place was renamed Fun City.

Another place we went was Skate City, but I'm not clear where this was located.

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July 8, 2019

Photos from the 5th of July

Above: Black Lake at Vail Pass.

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July 7, 2019

The 7th of July

So, yesterday I just stayed in bed all day, I think.

Today I decided to get up and try to recover my motorcycle. So, I was able to get Robert to come and help me out. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a nice set of loading ramps in the BMW. The last loading ramps I had I broke trying to drive the BMW over them for whatever reason. So, I got some nice new ones at Harbor Freight down the hill on Bowles.

Then, I got back home and called around to verify where my wallet was, and where my bike was. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew I was going to be arriving and what time they closed, etc. Like...no surprises when we get there, please.

Robert came up and we took his truck to recover the bike and wallet.

As we're heading west on I-70, we're watching all of the 4th of July weekend traffic heading east, and it's a nightmare. People are just stopped on I-70. No joke.

I sort of laugh nervously, as we both figure we're going to be screwed royally on the return trip back down the hill on I-70 east-bound.

First, we stopped at the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center at 340 Peak One Dr, Breckenridge, CO, as this was on the way to pick up the bike, and I wanted to just run in, get my wallet from security, run back out, and then hurry down to Ryan's Towing before they closed. I walk in and a girl at the front desk contacted security. Security came out with the wallet. Asked me my name, and then handed it to me. So far so good. Now, I hobble outside, hop into Robert's truck, and we head south to Ryan's Towing.

We get to Ryan's Towing about 4:45 p.m. They close at 5:00 p.m. Fortunately, there are 3 guys there waiting (apparently) to help us load up the bike. I go in and pay them close to $400. I think the total was about $370? Robert and the 3 employees of Ryan's Towing load up the bike while I do nothing but shoot video and take photos.

But Ryan's Towing, the place that towed the bike something like 18 miles is basically a criminal enterprise. Ryan's Towing, at 198 Continental Court, Breckenridge, CO charged me way too much. they charged me $370 to tow my motorcycle roughly 18 miles. There should be laws against this.

But, be that as it may, I got my wallet back, and my bike back. Then, we start heading back down the hill towards my house.

Turn on Waze to find the shortest route, and Waze says to take I-70. So, we roll back down the hill, eastbound, and the traffic isn't that bad. To go 60 miles, will take us 80 minutes. or something like that. The traffic coming back was really not that bad, as we missed the worst of it, I think.

When, we get home, some of the neighbors (Jonathan and Tom) come over to help me unload the bike. We get the bike unloaded and pushed into the garage. I'm surprised that it's not really scratched up that bad. At some point, Robert points out that at least one of the police we dealt with knew me, as he'd stopped me for speeding over Hoosier pass a year or two ago, which I can't deny. It's amazing how many police know me up here. Nothing to be proud of, I'm sure. I'm surprised they don't have "most wanted" photos of me painted on their squad cars.

Then Robert and I sit out on the deck out back and listen to the call of the peacocks in the fading light.

We start talking and I recall that it's not the first time Robert's bailed me out. Last time he bailed me out was almost exactly 6 years ago. Then, I was in jail in Goodland, Kansas, just a few miles east of the Kansas/Colorado state line on I-70. They sit there and run an illegal speed-trap on west-bound traffic, just east of the Kansas state line. When I was coming back from my first trip to Panama, I got stopped there, and they threw me in jail because I was speeding (running triple digits in a 75), no insurance. no registration, and had some warrants out for my arrest, apparently. So they threw me in jail, but the next morning I had a hearing before the judge and, when they figured out that I had $10K in cash on me, they set a court date for me and allowed me to post bond out of the cash I had in my pocket. Robert came out, but they weren't letting me ride my bike out of there. So, at a loading dock we found out there somewhere, we rolled the KTM 990 Adventure up into the back of his truck and rode back to Denver. This would have been a 200 mile trip for him, one way.

A few months later, when I was headed east to my court date back in Kansas, they called and told my attorney that they'd dropped all charges against me just as I got out east of Denver.

So, in any event, we sat out on the redwood deck drinking Diet Coke, listening to the call of the peacocks, as the sun set. Swapping stories about the good ole days when we used to work together at University of Colorado back in 1999, about 20 years ago, roughly.

I'd like to say that I learned something from this adventure, but probably I didn't. Jack Hawkins used to say that the problem is that:
"If you push the envelope long enough, you're liable to get a nasty papercut" Jack Hawkins - 1999.

I think that, new tires are in order for the bike, and in any future riding, I do need to make sure that I'm at home before dusk. I think that riding at night is too dangerous, and I have to stop doing that. I've ridden by countless deer, elk, moose, coyotes, foxes, sheep, etc., and now, I think, I have to put some parameters around my riding. I think that I have to be home before dusk. Also, proper riding gloves and riding boots are in order. I've been riding with just work boots and ski gloves, and that area can be improved, I think.

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July 6, 2019

The 5th of July

So, yesterday was Friday, the Fifth of July. After riding all day, I was coming back from Leadville in the dark, heading North on state hwy 91, I hit a deer on my AT about 4 miles south of Copper around 11:00 at night. I crashed out and was lying on the ground, my motorcycle about 10 yards past me.

I don't have my glasses on when I stop. And I can't move. I'm just lying there in the dark. Blind. Injured. Unmoving. Laying on the ground on my back.

Some people stopped to help me. It was a hispanic family, I think. They called 911 and helped to collect my scattered belongings. They bring me my glasses missing left lens, and I put them on. Now, at least i can see with one eye. Now, they collect my other things (gopro camera, left glasses lens, my Garmin Montana). Somehow, their son collected all of these things in the dark.

They tell me they've called 911 and I'm like thank you. Please don't leave me here to die. So, they waited with me, thank God.

The police showed up...about 3 cars and an ambulance all show up with lights rolling. Never been so happy to see police in my life.

The cops want to know how fast I was going and why there aren't any dead deer. I'm like...I wasn't speeding. I was going the speed limit. About 60 mph. I have no idea where the deer went.

the cops ask me if i want to have the bike towed, and i say yes. but i'm never clear who tows it or to where.

somehow, one of the cops says he knows me. he stopped me going over Hoosier Pass a year or two ago and I'm like...oh yeah. for sure i remember. northbound on hwy 9 over hoosier pass. stopped me at the first switchback. remember it well. small world.

the ambulance people are asking me where it hurts, and i point to my left big toe. it hurts like hell. also, my left chest hurts like hell. but honestly, they don't seem overly concerned. like, if you lose your left big toe no one cares. they're checking my back and neck for injuries. this is what they're concerned about.

They somehow get me onto a stretcher.after checking my back and neck for injuries. Then into the back of an ambulance. And they take me somewhere, at the time, I'm not clear where.

They wheel me in to some room and the police start interrogating me. I'm like...'I'm not answering any of your questions. I hit a deer. I was not speeding. I'm not clear where the deer went." They want proof of insurance, and I'm not providing anything. I give them my driver's license.

But I'm just waiting and waiting and no Dr. ever shows up. Nurse Ratchet is a royal bitch to me the entire time. Won't give me water (can't before dr sees me). Can't provide an estimate on when Dr. could see me (if ever). He has 14 patients, damn you. And is a royal bitch to me. and eventually, I tell the cunt working there that, if they can't provide a dr, then I'm leaving. She refuses to give me water (can't before dr sees me), and refuses to give a time estimate on when, if ever, the dr. would appear.

So, after I've been there for some time, I get onto my iphone and contact either uber/lyft to come get me. The technology is amazing. Like...I don't even know where I am, but suddenly people are coming to get me in the darkness. Fuck you people. I'm out of here.

My driver shows up and finds me and somehow, they wheel me out into the darkness and I get into the back of his car, somehow.

I'm in pain, but at least I'm not under the illusion of being in a dr's care anymore. Fuck you people. I'm out of here.

My thought is that, whatever is wrong with me (and there may be plenty), but it's not life threatening, so there's no reason for me to be dying of thirst in a doc-in-a-box where I get billed for no help whatsoever.

Now, I get a ride home with the lyft driver. It was very confusing to me how we got everything from the highway to the back of the lyft car, but there are many things to locate....gopro, garmin montana, left glasses lens. then also, there's the wallet and drivers license. all of this is just too much to keep up with and we roll away into the night.

lyft driver gets me home, and somehow i make it inside, and up to my bedroom on 2nd floor. i explain to him that i can't find my wallet. he searches the car, and can't find it. so i say thaanks and he rolls into the darkness.

in the morning, i wake up to a nightmare. i can't find my wallet. i'm not sure where i was last night (doc in the box), i'm not sure who towed my motorcycle or where they took it. I can't find my wallet.

Margie helps me to sort everything out. she brings up my glasses lens, my gopro. so now i can see out of both eyes. i have gopro.

Then, she figures out who towed my motorcycle (Ryan's Recovery). Where I was at the doc-in-the-box (st anthony medical care clinic). Then calls to confirm that the medical care clinic has my wallet.

So, we found my wallet and my motorcycle.

Now, the plan is to go up tomorrow (Sun) and try to recover the wallet(St Anthony in Frisco) and the motorcycle(Ryan's Recovery). Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.

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July 5, 2019

CDOT Floyd Hill I-70 Traffic Camera


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July 4, 2019

4th of July: Fremont Pass(11,318'), Independence Pass(12,095'), Trout Creek Pass (9,346'), Hoosier Pass(11,539')

Above: Clinton Gulch Reservoir.

So today, I rode all day, from about 12:00 noon until 9:30 p.m. My GPS says I went roughly 350 miles in 7 1/2 hours. Started out heading West on I-70. Gridlock on I-70 at Floyd Hill was expected, but this time, the traffic was backed up all the way to CR-65. They were just parked on CR-65. So, of course, I just got in the other lane, and rode into oncoming traffic, basically. Then, going up Floyd Hill, I just rode on the shoulder. Then, down Floyd Hill, I rode on the shoulder. After Floyd Hill, the traffic pics up and we're going like 45 mph at least.

This time, I went west on I-70 past Breckenridge, and then turned south at the exit for Leadville and took Colorado State Highway 91 from Copper Mountain down to Leadville. I crossed the continental divide first at the Eisenhower Tunnel. Then, the second time I crossed the continental divide today was at Freemont Pass (11,318').

Then, down into Leadville. At Leadville, I run into people riding 4-wheelers (ATV's) and dirt bikes in the streets, in the parking lots, etc. I'm like, "the cops don't stop y'all for riding ATV's down the street?" They're like "well, have have OHV permits, and as long as you don't ride on the main roads, they won't harass you". Pretty cool town, I guess.

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July 3, 2019

The Third of July: Loveland Pass(Open), Webster Pass(Closed), and Boreas Pass(Open)

Above: Loveland Pass - 11,990' above MSL.

So, today, I finally managed to get out of bed and climb onto my motorcycle. It was about 1:00 p.m. when I left the house. I planned on making it to Freemont Pass, and then Independence Pass. But when I got to I-70 at Floyd Hill, it was just a parking lot. Apparently, tomorrow is the 4th, and people got Thursday and Friday off, it seems.

So, I drove down the shoulder until we got to the bottom of Floyd Hill. Then, I merged with the traffic, and it started moving somewhat. Finally, I made it to the exit for Loveland Pass, and I took that instead of taking the Eisenhower Tunnel.

At the summit, I got my photo taken at Loveland Pass. So, this is one of the few times I've successfully crossed the continental divide this summer. I wanted a photo just to prove that it was still possible, I think.

Then, past A-Basin, I turn and head up towards Montezuma. I find the place where Jen and I once camped. I trailered our ATV's up here many moons ago. This is where we lost Bunners.

I try to go up the hill further past our campground, and when the road forks, I go left. But then it's snowed in and I turn back.

Now, back down a bit, and I follow the signs for Webster Pass. But only get a very short distance, before I'm at a fence and the trail is blocked, so I can't make it up to Webster Pass from this side, anyway.

I head back down towards Montezuma, and I run into a guy on an ATV coming out of one of the trails. He tells me I can make it up the trail he was on no problem, so I head up that way, but it dead ends into some private property, or else you have to cross a stream/river that's flowing insanely with summer melting snow run-off.. The snows have snapped a lot of trees here, similar to what I saw on Jones Pass yesterday. Eventually, I just roll back down into Montezuma. I'm not real sure where he wanted me to go.

Now, down through Montezuma, to Peru Creek. It's locked at the entrance to the Peru Creek road, but I just drive around the gate. This is an old trick. I manage to make it in some distance before it is snowed in also, again with lots of snapped evergreen trees, large drifts of snow, and a massive creek running wild with melting snow.

Now, I head down out of Montezuma. These trails are clearly snowed in and/or flooded. Not going to make it to Webster Pass any time soon, it seems.

At Dillon, I buy some Gatorade because I'm about to die. Get some Gatorade, drink it in the parking lot, and now heading westbound on I-70 to Frisco. At Frisco, I exit, and roll south to Breckenridge. On the south end of town, I decide to take Boreas Pass. I don't think it's open, but I figure I'll try to make it anyway.

At the last redlight in Breck heading south, I turn off and pass the old locomotive. This looks familiar. And pretty soon, I'm on the trail for Boreas Pass.

Some nice views, and pass a lot of bikes coming the other way. They say it's open, and pretty soon, I'm at the summit of Boreas Pass. So, that means I've successfully crossed the Continental Divide twice today. I'm not going to make it to Independence Pass, because there's not enough daylight.

So I turn back home on 285, and stop for some pics at Kenosha Pass.

Maybe I'll make it to Independence Pass tomorrow.

Today, I crossed the Continental Divide twice:
1) Loveland Pass - 11,990' above MSL.
2) Boreas Pass - 11,482' above MSL.

Above: Loveland Pass - 11,990' above MSL.

Above: This was the first time I turned back today. Too much snow, so I noped out of there.

Above: This is the trail to Webster Pass (above Montezuma). The gate is locked and there's no getting around it.

Above: A stream/lake above Montezuma.

Above: Here, we see the result of global warming. Snow piled so high it destroyed a small forest of trees. Saw the same thing at Jones Pass yesterday.

Above: Peru Creek, flowing like mad. Snow all over the road. Trees snapped by heavy spring snow. Total mess.

Above: Boreas Pass.

Above: Baker's Tank on Boreas Pass. Provided water to trains/locomotives. In use 1884 - 1937. Restored by Summit County in 1958.

Above: Boreas Pass - 11,482' above MSL.

Above: Boreas Pass.

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July 2, 2019

Jones, Berthoud, and Corona Passes

Jones Pass. 7/2/2019.

So today, I figured I'd try to make it over Jones Pass, then cross Berthoud Pass, and see how far I could get up Corona Pass.

Jones Pass was first. Basically, I was able to make it 2.2 miles past the gate. Took about 10 minutes to get up there, and then it was snowed in pretty good in one of the switch-backs. Possibly, I could have made it past this pile of snow on the left side, but I'm riding alone on a week day, so I try not to press my luck too much.

Then, I come back down from Jones Pass, and now up over Berthoud Pass. This pass is open year round. Down to Winter Park, and now turn off of US Highway 40 at the sign for "The Moffat Road" ("Corona Pass Road").

I'm able to go about 10.5 miles, roughly up to the old railroad trestle. Then, there's a gate blocking the trail so that you can't go any further. Presumably, they'll open this gate later this summer. It's about 30 minutes in, and 30 minutes back out.

So, basically, I tried to cross the continental divide 4 times today, but the only place that's open is Berthoud Pass.

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Rollins Pass - Snowed In (In July)

Dakota Hill. 7/1/2019.

Ate lunch w Jen today (Monday, July 1st) in Boulder. On the way back, decided to run up Rollins Pass. Turned off of Colorado Highway 119 (Peak to Peak Highway) onto Gilpin County Road 16 (Tolland Road). Then, west on Tolland Road to Rollins Pass Road (Gilpin County Road 117).

Turned off of Tolland Road onto Rollins Pass Road, planning to make it to Yankee Doodle Lake and Needle's Eye Tunnel. But instead, 8.3 miles in, the road was completely snowed in. So, I couldn't even make it to Yankee Doodle Lake (elevation 10,715').

Global Warming hitting us hard this summer.

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