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October 18, 2015

Copy files from GoPro Micro SD Card onto Windows 7 Drives

So, for some reason, when I plug in my MicroSD Card into an SD Adapter card, and then plug that into my multi-memory card reader, it shows up in Windows Explorer, but doesn't show any files are on the card, even though it's completely full. Nice. Thanks for that, GoPro.


This is how I did it last time:

Method #4 - Manually with Windows Explorer in Windows 7:

Go to Start > Computer.
In the Portable Devices Section, double click on your camera.
Double-click on the GoPro MTP Client Disk Volume.
Drag your photos and video to your desired storage location.

However, when I tried it this way, it was in my GoPro Hero4 and it said it would take a million years, so instead, I put it into the MicroSD Memory Card adapter and then put that into the memory card reader and it was much faster, I think.

Method #2 - Use an SD Adapter
If you have an SD adapter for your MicroSD card, you can insert the Micro SD card into the adapter and insert the adapter into your computer.
Double-click on your SD card, and you should see two folders: DCIM and MISC.
Now double-click on the DCIM folder. In that, you'll see a folder named 100GOPRO. (Note - if you took more than 9999 pictures or videos, you'll see 101GOPRO, 102GOPRO, 103GOPRO, etc. folders).
From there you can drag & drop the files from your SD card to your computer.

But using this method, I do see the 2 folders named DCIM and MISC. But I don't see any files in either folder. Nice.

If I connect the GoPro with the memorty card to the laptop, then I do see all of my videos now. Hmmmm. Looks like I could copy them over. Let's try...

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3DR Solo Drone - Follow Me

So, I'm trying to get the Solo to Follow Me.


(Follow Me starts at 3:55.)

OK. Now, I got it. You click on the Movie Slate icon on the iphone screen, and it gives you some options. You click "Follow Me", and it starts to follow you. Easy Peasy.

With this, I was able to make the Solo follow me around Platou Circle, but when I got back, I'm not clear that it recorded anything on the GoPro. Hmmmm.

Update: Oh yeah. It was recording alright buddy. Very cool.

So, now I've done a successful "Follow Me" run with the drone. Now, to understand some of the other nuances of the "Follow Me" mode.

Swipe your screen to the right and see location solo is following you from.

Right stick right/left makes Solo go around the circle.
Left stick adusts altitude.
Right stick up/down - increase or decrease solo follows.
Click on Orbit Left or Orbit right at bottom of the screen to make Solo orbit around you.
Finally, click "Look at me" at the bottom of the screen to make the Solo stop and follow you with the camera only.

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Nearly Every USGS Topo Map Ever Made. For Free.


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has been producing detailed topographic maps for more than 125 years. Today they are nearly all digitized and free to download through the USGS Map Store, an incredible treasure trove for both map junkies and casual hikers alike.

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October 17, 2015

Flying the 3DR Solo Drone for the First Time

So, there weren't any instructions that came with my 3DR Solo explaining how to fly it at all. On my iPhone 5S, when I'm running the Solo App, there is something called "Flight School", which is a video of a guy explaining how to fly the drone. So, I watched the first video called "First Flight", I think.

But, after I flew it, I noticed that it has controls on the bottom of the controller that control the camera. Hmmm. Didn't know that was there, but it apparently allows you to control the tilt of the camera while you're flying it.

Also, now I'm sort of scouring their website to try to learn how to fly this thing. I've flown it three times today, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.


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Installing 3DR Solo App

Downloaded the software from the Apple no problem. For some reason, there are only 13 downloads. That's alarming.

As soon as I download it and install the App, it says there's an update. Now I'm connected to Wifi and downloaded the latest update.

Update is downloading to your device. Looks like it's about 1/3 of the way done.

Now, the phone is explaining to me how to get everything going.

"Connect Instructions"

To install the updates, please connect to Solo's Wi-Fi.

Tun on Solo Controller.
Tun on Solo drone.
Plug in GoPro Hero 4 to drone.

Drone wakes up, makes a noise, flashes some lights.

Changed the password on the Wifi.

Please restart your controller.

Powered down controller.
Powered up controller.

Controller says "Prefligh update - required before first flight! Use 3DR Solo App to update."

OK. So, I reconnected to the Solo WiFI network with the new password using the iPhone 5S.

Now it says Looking for Solo.
New Software available.

New Version 1.2.0.
Download update.
The update is ready to transfer and install.

It's going to update the drone and the controller via the wifi network.

Click Begin.
The update is being transferred to the Controller and Solo.

Transfer Failed.

Make sure your Controller and Solo are turned on, and you are connected to Solo Wi-Fi and try again.

But everything is powered up. Not sure what the issue is. I'll try again.

It shows it's connected to the SoloLink WiFi network. The icon says "LTE" for whatever reason.

OK. Powered everything down and back up. Tried it again. This time, it succeeded in transferring the update to the Controller and the Drone.

Now, it says "This app will disconnect from Solo Wi-Fi during the update."


Reconnect to Solo Wi-Fi when you see the green checkmark.
The controller will turn off for about one minute during the update.

The controller does appear to have turned itself off.

Controller Updated.

Something plays a tune.

Check box on the controller now.

Reconnected iPhone to Wifi network.

Waiting for Solo.

1.2.0 1.2.0

System Up to Date. Go Fly.

Controller says "Controller updated". Reconnect app to SoloLink wifi.
Press A to continue.

OK. So, I finally try to get everything rolling...turn on the Controller, tun on the Drone, turn on the Go Pro, and what does it say? The freaking Go Pro software needs to be updated. I kid you not.

So, now I'm going to install the GoPro App on my new iPhone 5S. This GoPro App will allow me to update the GoPro camera wirelessly (allegedly).

Now, launch the GoPro App.

Connect to your camera.

Hero 4.

So, I paired my Cell Phone with the Go Pro Hero 4 and named it peeniewallie with my old password.

Now, I have to go to the iPhone wifi network and select the new network (created by the GoPro Hero 4) and enter that password.

Settings - Wifi and select the network PeenieWallie (my GoPro).

OK. Entered the password. So, now I'm connected to the WiFi of the GoPro.
Now, to try to update the software on the GoPro.

Return to the Go Pro App. Currently Connect to Peeniewallie.

Click on the camera (PeenieWallie) and now it says "Camera Update Available".

Hero4 Black v03.00

Lord God.

I click Update.

Accept & Continue.
transferring files to peeniewallie.

Don't Go Anwhere!
Do not exit the GoPro App or turn off your camera during this

Your camera will power off and on automatically a few times.
When the update is complete your camera's screen will return to normal.

The GoPro Hero4 is flashing like a UFO in trouble.

Beeping. Flashing.

My phone says to sit tight though. So I'm sitting tight.

Lord God.

God as my witness it will be a miracle if this works.


You may need to reconnect to your camera to verify the update was successful.

Reconnected to my phone using WiFi.

Your camera's software was updated successfully.

Got it.

Lord God.

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Syncing iPhone with iTunes

So, my old school iPhone 4S isn't supported for the software needed to control my new drone, the 3D Robotics Solo. Great. So I bought a new iPhone 5S from some guy down the hill in Denver last night. The Verizon store activated it for me, and in theory it's working, but now I've got to copy everything over from the 4S. Great.

I tried doing the backup to the iCloud last night, but ran out of space. So now, I'm going to try to back up the phone using iTunes. Apple says it can be done.

OK. Now, I see that, if I go into iTunes, and click on the little icon of the phone up near the upper left corner, it shows me all sorts of information about my iPhone. Nice.

It shows that I backed up the iPhone to this computer on 4/20/2015.

Also indicates that I have about 13 gig of data.

There are purchases on "Rob's iPhone" which are not in your iTunes library. Would you like to transfer these purchases from your iPhone?
These purchases will not be restored from a backup unless they are in your iTunes library.

Click - Transfer Purchases.

Now it says "Syncing Rob's iPhone (Step 2 of 4)" and there's a little colored bar at the top of the screen that's slowing migrating from left to right.

I don't even have a charger for the new iPhone 5s. Didn't think to ask for one.

So, I went into Jen's room and found a massive cable (USB to iPhone 5-6 type of connector). Brought it in. Unplugged the iPhone 4S which I just backed up. Plugged in the iPhone 5S and hooked it up to the laptop. Voila.

It says "Welcome to your new iPhone. Would you like to set up this iPhone as a new iPhone, or restore all of your information from a previous backup?

The default is 'restore from this backup "Rob's iPhone" - Last backed up Today at 10:08 a.m..

I click Continue.

"The backup "Rob's iPhone" cannot be restored to this iPhone because the software on the iPhone is too old."

The software on the iPhone is too old? On which iPhone you fucking morons?

"To restore this iPhone from this backup, you must first set up the iPhone as new and restore the software to the latest version."

Mother fucker.


If restoring from an iTunes or iCloud backup requires a newer version of iOS
If you can't restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup because you need to update to a newer version of iOS, follow these steps.


Connect your device to the computer that you stored your backup on.
Open iTunes. If iTunes tells you there's an iOS update, get the latest version.
Go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup. If you're using Windows and don't see a File menu, press the Alt key.
Look at the date and size of each backup and pick the most relevant.
Click restore and wait for the process to finish. Your device will restart and then sync with your computer. Stay connected until the sync finishes.

OK. Now I see. So, I change the selection to "Set up as new iPhone".

Syncing Rob's iPhone Step 4 of 4.

Click "Get Started".

iTunes shows I need to update iOS from 8.4 go 9.02. OK. Let's try that.

Click Update.

Now, it says "iTunes is downloading a software update for this iPhone and will install it when the download is complete. But I don't see a progress bar or anything.

Eventually, an "Update" button appeared and I clicked it. Now, the phone says "Hello".
"Update Completed. Your phone was updated successfully."
Clicked Continue.
Enable Location Services.
Set up Touch ID later.
So, the phone wanted me to set up pass codes and all this stuff. I just skipped it.
It appears to be updated to IOS 9.0.2.

Now, however, when I launch iTunes and go to "Devices", everything about my iPhone is greyed out. Nice.

Also, my phone now says "This accessory may not be supported."


OK. I signed into iCloud on the iPhone and then it showed up in iTunes like I wanted it to.
It also wanted to update the Carrier Settings, so I finally gave in and let it update the carrier settings.

OK. Now, it's greyed out again in iTunes. Nice.

OK. Unplugging and plugging the cable back in a few times fixed it, apparently.
Now, I see my iPhone in iTunes. Good enough. Then I click on "File - Devices - Restore from backup"

"Find My iPhone must be turned off before Rob's iPhone can be restored.'

Are you kidding me right now?


Settings - iCloud - Find My iPhone. Turn it off.


"File - Devices - Restore from backup" Choose a backup to restore.
Last backed up today 12:47 p.m.

Click Restore.Restoring iPhone from backup.
Time remaining less than a minute.

The settings for your iPhone have been restored. Please leave it connected while...

Then, it shows a progress bar on the iPhone for about a minute. Then, it vibrates, and shows the "Hello" screen.

Update Completed
Your iPhone was updated successfully.
There are just a few more steps to follow and then you're done.

Click Continue on the phone screen.

Set up Touch ID later.

Create a Passcode.
Passcode Options.
Don't add Passcode.
Enter iCloud password.
Updating iCloud settings.
Turn off iCloud Drive.
Don't share.
Welcome to iPhone.
Get started.

So now, I have my pictures, but not my notes. Nice.

I don't even have all of my apps. Like, I don't have Shazam. or Facebook. I don't have my text message app. What a nightmare.

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October 13, 2015

Jefferson, Colorado 10/13/2015

Ride on Sunday 10/11/2015.


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Garmin Montan 600 Tracks

I'm not clear what's going on with my Garmin Montana tracks. I don't feel like I'm erasing them.

My initial plan to ease all tracks was:

Basically, Setup - Reset - Clear Current Track.

So, now, I'll make a more concerted effort to clear all of the tracks out of this beast.

It says "Memory used 0%". And I think that's what it said last time I wiped it out.

Now, I'll try reconnecting it via Easy GPS and see what tracks it has on it now, if any.

Hmmm. I select GPS and then "Receive from GPS" is greyed out.

But, it's hard for me to imagine how I created a 30 Meg file in the 9 days since I went over Argentine Pass.

OK. I see. Somehow, all of my trips from 2014 are still in here. Argh...

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October 12, 2015

Riding at Night

My buddy calls me and says "Let's ride, man. Let's go get lost."

So we're riding hard tops, dirt roads, end up going down through Foxton, Buffalo, Wellington Lake, Bailey, Grant, Kenosha Pass, Jefferson. Then south down to Florissant, Divide, Woodland Park. We gas up about every 50-60 miles, and by the time we get to Deckers, it is solidly dark.

Riding at night is never a good idea. Everyone knows this, but sometimes you're far from home and run out of daylight.

Probably, we pushed it too far. We rode too far on one of the waning days of summer. But you have to know what the fall is like. The Aspens are just insanely brilliant now. The color moves in a wave down the mountains. At Kenosha Pass, there are no leaves on the Aspen trees. And it's sad, in a way. So see that the color is all gone now, a victim of the relentless fall. Like looking at a house that's been burned down. Still you can remember what it was. What it used to be. And now, there is only this.

Stop to gas up at the bottom of Kenosha Pass. Now, turn south. We're not on the continental divide. We've never crossed it once today, but the mountains are still nice. Enormous stacks of Park County hay. Buildings from the 1800's still standing somehow, teetering on the brink of despair.

We're carving south, down 2-lane black-topped roads. Glad to be out. Glad to be alive. We emerge onto US Highway 24 well west of Colorado Springs. Now, racing back east on 24. Burning daylight.

At Divide, we would go South to Cripple Creek if we had more time, but no time now. Just a balls-out run for the house before dark.

Now running back north towards Deckers. At Deckers, I decide to take the back way and follow the North Fork of the South Platte River. This is a dangerous road. Sections are unpaved. Some guy drove a Harley into the river and died earlier this year. First they found his bike. Then they found him.

But this is the shortest route back, as the crow flies.

We're racing north, following the twisting river, and by now it is solidly dark. At some point, I realize my buddy's headlight isn't behind me any more. This is not good. This is nightmare fuel. Turn back. Maybe he stopped to bugle for elk. He's done that to me before. Last time I turned back, he was on the side of the road bugling for elk.

"Dude..I thought you'd died...."

"I told you I was going to stop and bugle for elk..." he'd explained. "You just forgot."

So that's what I'm hoping this time. That he stopped to bugle for elk. But now, here he is. I can see the headlight, about a foot off the ground...shining up into the dark skies. A surreal searchlight searching for anything. Finding nothing.

This is not good. Nightmare fuel. The bike is down. Maybe he was going too fast and crashed in the turn. That's what I think as I pull up to the scene of the accident.

The bike is down in the middle of the road. My buddy is lying on his back in the road. Or maybe he's on the side of the road. I'm not clear. Nothing seems to focus. My brain goes into a state that's hard to describe. I can't speak.

"Dude...I hit a deer," he offers.

Now, I see the deer, lying on the side of the road. Jerking his legs, trying to get up. But nothing works. The deer can't get up. My buddy isn't even trying to get up. He's lying on the ground, clearly in pain. Drowning in adrenaline. He's in shock. I'm going into shock.

Now, a Jeep has stopped. He's halfway in the road so that no one coming down the road will run over us. Maybe the Jeep has always been here. I don't know. The brain can't process what is going on very well.

Now, there's another vehicle stopped. People are getting out. "Are you OK. Should we call an ambulance?"

"There's no cell coverage here," offers someone else.

My brain can't really process what's going on. Like, that's what you're thinking though. We've got to get an ambulance. Or a helicopter. And now, I remember the last time I had to call 911. Why does this keep happening to the people around me. I'm sure that I am cursed. I've called 911 on people riding with me twice that I can recall, and it's never a good feeling.

This is a slow motion nightmare.

I have no idea how bad my friend's injuries are, and I'm scared to find out, really. I'm not like ripping his jean apart at the knee or checking out his foot to see how badly injured he is. I'm not a trauma surgeon or anything. Instead, I'm just wandering back and forth at the scene of the accident, unable to process what just happened. Where do we go from here? No cell coverage. A wrecked motorcycle. A dead deer, and my buddy lying on the side of the road.

Now, someone stands up the bike and gets it out of the road.

My friend stands up, like a Phoenix from the ashes. And says..."I think I'm OK. I can ride the bike back...."

I grab his shoulder, and he's quaking like an Aspen leaf.

"Dude...there's no way you're getting on that bike..."

"I'll give him a ride back to Conifer, if you want..." offers the Jeep driver.

"Would you? That would be great."

Now, what to do with the bike. I don't really care about the bike. It's the least of my concerns.

"Why don't you take the bike up to that house and just leave it with them and come back for it later," a voice from the darkness speaks.

"Yes. Good idea," I think.

I had no idea that there was a house anywhere near us. Now though, I do see that there is a house above us on the side of the hill. Perched precariously. No visible means of access.

This kid that stopped is turning the bike over and it won't start. I take the bike from him, start it up, and they tell me to drive it up to the house above us and leave it with them.

So now, I'm driving the wrecked motorcycle back and forth on the highway trying to find the driveway up to the house. Only it's completely dark and I can't find the driveway. So, I'm driving back and forth up and down the highway, like a rape victim in the night.

"Where's the driveway?" I ask the crowd assembled around the crash scene.

Finally, I locate the driveway. I drive up the gravel driveway and pull up to the house. Lights are on, and it's full of people, but no one comes outside to see what's going on.

Finally, a person emerges from the cottage. An aging hippy.

"My buddy crashed his bike. Can we leave it here and come back for it tomorrow?" I ask.

"Yeah man. Sure. Is he OK? Do we need to call an ambulance?"

"I think he's OK," I offer.

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October 5, 2015

2015 Mountain Peaks and Passes

So, I'm trying to figure out what peaks and passes I've been over this year. So far, it looks something like this:

Mt Evans (14,160) - Highest paved road in North America.
Pike's Peak (14,115 ft)
Argentine Pass (13,207 ft) - Highest mountain pass in North America.
Mosquito Pass (13,186 ft)
Cottonwood Pass (12,126 ft)
Webster Pass (12,103 ft)
Independence Pass (12,095 ft) - The highest paved pass in Colorado.
Rollins Pass (11,660 ft)
Hoosier Pass (11,542 ft)
Schofield Pass (10,722 ft)

So, if you google "highest mountain passes in North America", I've done the top 4 this summer.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway 14,160
Pikes Peak Highway 14,115
Argentine Pass 13,207
Mosquito Pass 13,186

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October 4, 2015

GPS tracks from Argentine Pass

I uploaded the GPS tracks from my Garmin Montana 600 to create a map of the route I took yesterday up to Argentine Pass. I trimmed it down to just show from Georgetown to Argentine Pass and back.


I followed the directions from:


1) Launch EasyGPS.
2) Click on "Receive (from GPS)" icon.
3) Click OK.

Then, I edited the files down using Ultra-Edit so that it was just showing the trip from Georgetown to the pass and back.

Then, I followed the directions from here to convert the gpx file to a KML file and upload it to the internets:


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October 3, 2015

Argentine Pass

Today, I will attempt to reach the summit of Argentine Pass, the highest mountain pass in Colorado. If I don't post back tonight, send help.

Update: i survived the trip to Argentine Pass.

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Copying .gpx files off of a Garmin Montana 600


1) Launch EasyGPS.
2) Click on "Receive (from GPS)" icon.
3) Click OK.

I'm not really clear how to save off each of the individual .gpx files, which would be nice. So, I just saved them off as one big file named C:\Users\Rob\Documents\Garmin\Backups\AK2015\10_3_2015.gpx

When I try to upload this to .gpx tracks using www.GPSVisualizer.com, it just blows up. I think I'll have to figure out how to separate out each track individually some how.

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