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February 14, 2007

Global Warming Meeting Caneled Due to Ice Storm


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February 11, 2007

Alternatives to iTunes

I hate iTunes, because of the DRM, because it's a hog, and because it sucks. If you're running iTunes, and looking for some alternatives, check out this link.

They suggest a few different options, like ephPod or the Winamp plugin. Also, you can use Hymn to remove the absurd DRM from your songs you downloaded in iTunes.

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February 5, 2007

Hacking the iPod Shuffle

This weekend was a strange weekend. Very strange. But, all you need to know is that it culminated with someone handing me an iPod Shuffle. (Thanks - you know who you are.)

I hate iTunes. And, by that, I mean, I've never used iTunes and never intend to use it. All I want is to play .mp3's, so I don't want to go into the iTunes store and get ripped off. So, I'm going to follow the directions on this site and try to hack my iPod Shuffle.

I got the Python version to work, after jacking with it for a while. Never could get the .exe version to work though.
It kept saying "ImportError: No module named getopt."

I still can't get this stupid thing to make a sound. Also, holding down the play button for 3 seconds doesn't seem to make it flash amber like it should, so I'm going to install the Apple iPod shuffle Reset Utility 1.0.1 for Windows.

Resetting the iPod shuffle did the trick. Now, the pause button works like it's supposed to. I don't know what was wrong with it, but it's working now. I can get the Python version to work. Never could get the .exe to work, but it's not like it matters. The Python version works fine.

Welcome to KeyJ's iPod shuffle Database Builder, version 1.0-rc1

Using iTunesSD headers from existing database.
Collected 6 entries from existing database.

Searching for files on your iPod.
/iPod_Control/iTunes: 0 files
/iPod_Control: 0 files
/Music: 25 files
/rebuild_db: 0 files
/: 0 files
25 playable files were found on your iPod.

Fixing iTunesSD header.
Setting playback state ... OK.
Creating statistics file ... OK.
Generating smart shuffle sequence ... OK.

The iPod shuffle database was rebuilt successfully.
Have fun listening to your music!


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