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October 22, 2017

2017 Africa Twin Owner's Manual CRF1000A

OK. So, the truth is that I've been riding this bike since July...Roughly 4 months...I turned over 4,000 miles today...and I've never glanced at the owner's manual.

I have sort of figured out parts of it, but I need to understand it better before I leave the country. So, today, I pulled the seat (with the key), and underneath the seat was my owner's manual. So now, I'm going to read through it and see if anything sticks.

I should mention here that the owner's manual has more errors, mistakes, typos, and downright misinformation than any owner's manual I've seen in my entire life. It makes me wonder how Honda is in business.

Page 25. There are 5 fuel bar lights. When only the 1st fuel bar is lit, the segment starts flashing. There are approximately 0.8 gallons remaining at this point. So, my guess would be that the bike holds 4.8 gallons of gas.

CRF1000 (no ABS)
CRF1000A (ABS)
CRF1000D (ABS + DCT)

So, I'm guessing mine is the CRF1000A. (I have ABS but not DCT).
Tank Capacity: 4.97 US Gallons
Unleaded gasoline.
Recommended 86 PON (Pump Octane Number) or higher.

Curb Weight: 511 pounds

Tire Size:
Front 90/90 21M/C 54H - Bias Ply, tube
Rear 150/70 R18M/C 70H - Radial, tube

OK. It looks like they want me to:
1) change out my oil and oil filter
2) clean the crank case breather
3) inspect the fuel line

Well, I'll change the oil and filter anyway. We'll do that much.

I need to set the clock on this thing.

Setting the clock:

1) tun on ignition
2) press and hold the SET button and the DOWN button. The hour digits start flashing.
3) Press Up or Down button to select the correct hour.
4) Press the SET button. The minutes digits start flashing.
5) Press Up or Down button to select the correct minutes
6) Press the SET button. Now, the time is set and it moves to the Backlight Brightness Adjustment..

OK. So, I went through all of this nonsense. And I set the backlight to as bright as it will go, but I think it was already there.

I really don't grasp how the instrument cluster works. At all.

You should be able to change from Odometer to Trip Meter A to Trip Meter B by pressing the Up or Down Arrows. (p.36).

To reset Trip Meter A, Average Fuel Mileage (AVG. CONS. mpg), and Average Speed (AVG. SPD. mph) together (these are all based on Trip Meter A), Press and Hold the SET
button while Trip Meter A is displayed.

To reset Trip Meter B, Average Fuel Mileage (AVG. CONS. mpg), and Average Speed (AVG. SPD. mph) together (these are all based on Trip Meter B), Press and Hold the SET button while Trip Meter B is displayed.

OK. One of the big things I was having a problem with was that I couldn't figure out how to switch between the different sections on the LCD display. The trick is to hit the SET button, and then the up or down arrow keys. This allows you to switch between the different areas on the LCD display. Then, within each section, there's all kinds of things you can do. But the first trick is to figure out how to navigate between the different sections of the display. This is covered on Page 27, I think.

So, I think what I'll do is for my big trip through South America, I'll set a daily trip meter (Trip Meter A), and then every time I fill up, I'll reset (Trip Meter B).

Posted by Rob Kiser on October 22, 2017 at 9:24 PM


thats a lot clearer than the owners manual.

Posted by: stewart gray on March 24, 2021 at 11:34 AM

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