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November 20, 2020

Election 2020


AZ Judge Grants Republican Review of Signatures!

Breaking News: The Arizona legislature is calling for a *special session* to assess widespread state voting irregularities and to ultimately determine who gets AZ's 11 electoral votes.

Judge accepts GOP petition in AZ

Sidney RT: In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off" -- Sidney Powell Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS -- COULD FLIP STATE

This is for Maracopa County. The GOP will not sign off on it. She already refused to certify the machines yesterday.


Voting machines in GA were about to be wiped. Lin Wood got an injunction. Commies threaten judge and get it over turned. Patriots rise up and over turn the over turn! Can you imagine what is on the machines!

Lin Wood: 11th Circuit granted my Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure.

Oh man. They took the ballots to be shredded/recycled and the place they took it called in Georgia's Secretary of State and the FBI.

"We have contacted the Georgia SOS's Div. of elections as well as the @FBI for assistance..."

Georgia BOMBSHELL Edison Analysis - BIDEN takes MINIMUM 98% of a 23,487 vote batch at 12:18AM - Impossible!

"What's Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking!" - Trump Attorney Jordan Sekulow Promises BIG NEWS in Georgia on Monday or Tuesday

Georgia certifies their election results. Forty-five minutes later, Lin Wood shares proof that documents are being shredded outside an election office in Cobb County, GA Around the same time, Georgia says they made a mistake and the results aren't certified.

OH....REGARDING THAT GEORGIA RECOUNT??? WHAT WERE THE 'NEW COUNT TOTALS'???? MORE FRAUD?....... Lin Wood @LLinWood: I have irrefutable evidence that GA local election officials were instructed by State to report original vote totals !!

Georgia secretary of state issues correction, clarifying election results not yet certified

The Governor of Georgia, and Secretary of State, refuse to let us look at signatures which would expose hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots, and give the Republican Party and me, David Perdue, and perhaps Kelly Loeffler, a BIG VICTORY...

Circuit Courts have been reassigned. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA and GA.
MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh
WI - Amy Coney Barrett
PA - Samuel A. Alito
GA - Clarence Thomas

Each Supreme Court Justice is assigned to oversee one of the 13 Circuit Court regions. The justice assigned to each circuit can select cases from that region-- and fast-track those cases to be heard by the Supreme Court.

Sidney Powell TRIPLES DOWN on the servers recovered in Germany "There were lines into the servers from FOUR foreign countries."



MI HEARING: Witness Says All Military Ballots She Saw Looked Like 'Xerox Copies' of Each Other; None Were Registered Michigan Voters and All Were for Biden.

UPDATED MICHIGAN AFFIDAVIT FROM RUSSEL RAMSLAND - 643 Precincts Recorded Turnout Above 80% and AT LEAST 36,812 More Votes Than Possible! 16 Precincts Reported 100% to 781% Turnout!

More votes "COUNTED" in 1hr 38min period than the machines were capable of processing. 289,866 FRAUD VOTES in MI!


Michigan Poll Worker testifies on video she and others were told to separate Trump votes and exclude them from the count

I work for Dominion in Michigan. I had every ballot in Wayne County on my hard drive. I know Trump will win in SCOTUS. Read to find out why.

On Thursday Nov 19th, Rudy Giuliani said Wayne County Board of Canvasers has not certified the vote. There is evidence of massive fraud in Wayne County with many times the number of registered voters casting their ballots.

The state of Michigan is back in play.
On Tuesday Nov 17th, the 2 Republicans (Monica Palmer and William Hartmann) decided to certify the vote in Wayne County with the stipulation that the votes be audited.

On Wednesday Nov 18th, the 2 Republicans (Monica Palmer and William Hartmann) rescinded their vote to certify Wayne County after the Dimocrats said there would be no audit of the votes.

Now it goes to the state board of canvasers. Made up of 2 Republicans and 2 Dimocrats. The Republicans will not move forward with certifying the vote. If they don't then the process moves on to the State Board of Legislators which is controlled by Republicans, and would ultimately mean a victory for President Trump.


Mark Meadows: BIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing.

Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394.
Total Presidential Election Votes: 1,405,376.

1,405,376 - 1,327,394 = 77,982

There are 77,982 more votes in the Presidential election than there are cast ballots in Nevada. Biden has a +33,596 margin currently.


PA's legislature will pick their own electoral college members.

There are Biden electors and Trump electors, PA will send the Trump electors. The results of the election chooses which electors you send. The state legislators are required to vote party line. More Rs than Ds and it's winner take all.

Pennsylvania State Judge Upholds Halt To Certification, Finds Likelihood Mail-In Balloting Procedures Violate PA Constitution

Pennsylvania trial court rules the 2020 election was likely unconstitutional in Pennsylvania, and that gives state legislators power to choose electors.

Delaware county is completely invalidated take away 206,423 from Biden, 118,532 from Trump PA is then 3,251,806 Biden, 3,259,142 Trump Trump wins PA on this county's invalidation ALONE

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to not take any further steps in certifying the election results. Remember her.

Memory sticks used to program Philly's voting machines were stolen from elections warehouse


In PA only 1.8 million mail in ballots requested and sent, but 2.5 million were counted.

Data Engineer found 40000 PA voter records that had party status changed from Rep to Dem, and cold called many to see if they had changed their party, Everyone he talked said NO, and were all infuriated.

NEW: Third Circuit Court of Appeals grants expedited review for Team Trump's appeal from Pennsylvania.

BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems BACKS OUT from Testifying Before Pennsylvania State House Committee -- What Are They Hiding? (www.thegatewaypundit.com)

PA House approved a resolution for an audit of the 2020 election. Resolution does not require approval from democrat Governor Wolf or the state Senate.

BREAKING: Dominion refused to show up to the PA state legislature. THEY ARE ON THE RUN!


This is how they stole Wisconsin. We won in a landslide!



Posted by Rob Kiser on November 20, 2020 at 1:48 PM


"Notice that the Trump vote rolled through in red waves. OTOH [on the other hand], the bogus Biden votes were added in spikes, showing blue fraud towers".


Posted by: anonymous on November 20, 2020 at 8:12 PM


PLEASE don't miss this Lin Wood interview!

Start at 8 minutes in. (Before that, he's talking about getting Kyle R. sprung from jail in time for Thanksgiving.)

Paraphrasing: The main fraud was done on Dominion voting machines using software that is designed to flip votes. (The same software is also used in voting machines made by companies other than Dominion.)

Our votes went to 3 other companies. In Frankfurt and Barcelona our votes were manipulated by Smartmatic. (They are Amazon servers.)

The servers are run by another company called Scytl. That is where the manipulation is undertaken. The Scytl servers report out to another company called Clarity. Clarity did the real-time reporting that you saw on TV. That's why so many people caught instances on TV where you had 560 votes disappearing from the Republicans and 560 being added to the Democrats. That was when they did the vote flipping.

But what happened to them was they had to institute massive fraud on the paper ballot portion of the fraud because Trump won by such a huge margin on the same day in-person election day, that they had to stop the count in several key states, so they could bring in truckloads of false, fake mail ballots, 100 thousand in Detroit for example, all of them for Biden, no votes down ticket, many of them in pristine conditions, like I've seen in Georgia.

[Then Lin Wood talks about the Electoral College, and how Trump can still win despite the massive multi-level theft of this election.]

According to Lin Wood, the plan was to have Biden be announced President Elect by the media, and then set up a shadow-govt to create confusion about who is running the country.

- Matt Bracken 11/21/2020 at https://gab.com/Matt_Bracken/posts/105249050690486714

Posted by: anonymous on November 21, 2020 at 6:31 PM

> https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/7/8/a/78a1504753fce2fd/11.21.20_-_Podcast_-_Lin_Wood_-_Version_1.mp3
> PLEASE don't miss this Lin Wood interview!
> Start at 8 minutes in.

Ugh. It looks like their web site puts some kind of time expiration tag on that URL.

Use this link instead


and click on the "play" arrow - - in the red field at the top of that page.

You can also download the audio file by clicking on the icon with the arrow pointing down, - which looks sort of like |_↓_| - to the right of the volume icon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by: anonymous on November 22, 2020 at 11:49 AM

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