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August 21, 2016

Places We Went Camping and Fishing

Now that Jennifer has moved out of the house, I've been riding more in California and Colorado. Yesterday, I ended up crossing Webster Pass, and then riding up above Montezuma. I passed one of our old campgrounds, and the thought occurred to me that a) I might never go camping with Jennifer again and b) she wouldn't really have any way to know where it was that we had camped when she was younger.

So, I thought that I'd post a link on Peenie Wallie so that, if she should ever wonder where it was that we used to camp, she could come to this site an possibly see where it was that we had camped. It's a long shot, but it's easy enough for me to post.

1) We used to camp above Montezuma, Colorado. This is just above Keystone in Summit County. This was where we took the rabbit camping, and took our ATV's, and did some 4 wheeling. The bunny chewed through he leash and escaped. It was my fault and I'm sorry. To get here, drive through the tiny town of Montezuma, Colorado. Continue on Montezuma Road and you come to a small parking lot. Keep going up Montezuma Road (Summit County Rd 5) a short distance, and you'll see where we used to camp on the left, on the side of the road, by Deer Creek. Warning: This is outdoor camping. No facilities here. Here's a map that shows where we camped. We rode the ATV's up above here for a short distance. This campsite is easily accessible in a car.

2) We used to camp at the West Chicago Creek Campground just south of Idaho Springs. There are facilities at this place, and you can make reservations, as I recall. But I think most of the time we just camped on the side of the creek. To find these campgrounds, just go south out of Idaho Springs like you're going up to Mt Evans on Colorado 103, and turn right at the first switchback. This place is fairly close, easily accessible by car, and has facilities. Here's some pictures from one of our camping trips to West Chicago Creek.

3) We camped up on Chinns Lake up by St Mary's Glacier. Here are some photos from one of our camping trips to Chinns Lake, but now I'm thinking maybe we camped there more than once. This lake is difficult to access. Somehow, we took the Tahoe up there, with a canoe and the ATV's, as I recall. But it's not easy to access. No facilities. Very difficult 4wd trail, but a beautiful lake. This is where the people were playing loud music at night and daddy had to fire the pistol several times and tell them to "turn that shit off". Here's a map that shows how to get there.

4) We used to go fishing up at Montgomery Reservoir, just south of Breckenridge. Here's a story where I recollect that we caught 28 trout there in one day. This was in September of 2006, so you were 8 years old at the time. Here's a map that shows how to get to Montgomery Reservoir from Breckenridge. It's easy to access by a car.

5) We used to fish up at the Georgetown Lake.

6) We used to fish up at lake Evergreen a lot.

7) When you were first starting out, we used to fish in that stocked pond down on US Highway 285. I think we have a video of you catching a trout here when you were like 4 or 5, as I recall. Here's the map.

8) One summer we went camping/fishing/hiking up at Wellington Lake, with Charlie and Piper, as I recall. Here's the map to Wellington Lake.

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