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June 26, 2016

Clearing Files off of iPhone 5S and MacBook Air

Well, it's that time again. I'm going to try to remove all of the photos from my MacBook Air and my iPhone 5S, before I go on a big motorcycle trip across North America.

Here's my notes from when I did this almost exactly 2 years ago.

I want to look at my iphone 5S and see what it looks like.

Settings - General - Storage & iCloud Usage
Used 15.8 GB
Available 10.4 GB

Now let's look at the MacBook Air.

Apple - About this Mac - Storage.
81 Gig Free of 500 Gig
217 GB of Movies
120 GB Photos

So, I ought to be able to copy these off of the MacBook Air.

So, now, I hook my iPhone up to my MacBook. It launches Photos. I tell it to import all new photos. It never asks what folder I want to put them in or anything. Nice. Also, never says when it's completed importing. Very nice. My assumption is that it has completed successfully, but this is just a hunch.

It never asks if I want to delete them form the iphone. Well played.

However, if I close Photos, disconnect the iPhone, and reconnect it, now it says "Already Imported 2,692 items. So, all of the photos are copied off of my phone, anyway.

Now, I see that I have some voice recordings from my trip to Mexico in November-December of 2015.

Now, I want to delete these photos from my iPhone. There are 2,524 Photos, and 166 videos.

2,524 + 166 = 2,690

So, that's pretty close to "Already imported 2,692 items".

So, I'll delete all of my photos and videos from the iPhone.

I'm not clear how to delete these photos though. Trying to see what version of IOS
I have. Go to Settings - General - About.
Version = 9.3.2
So, that's the IOS Version, apparently. Nice.

Now, I want to see how much free space I have on the iPhone.

Settings - General - Usage
2.8 gig in messages.
2.4 gig in Photos and Camera

2.3 gig is in the camera roll.

So, now I want to delete these photos, but I'm not clear if I'll lose any photos or not.

OK. Photos - Albums says I have the following:
Camera Roll - 628 photos
My Photo Stream - 93
Videos - 26

Now, I realize that I can't delete all of the photos at once because, it's Apple, and let's face it...Steve Jobs is dead. So, Apple sucks balls at this point.

This guy has a YouTube video that shows how to delete all of the photos from ios 9 without too much difficulty.


In the end, I attempted to delete 2,134 items.

I have no idea what it's doing, really. Doesn't appear to be doing anything. I should have tested this with just 10 photos first to see if it even works.

OK. Now, I see that it's counting down on the number of photos...it keeps decreasing...504 photos...54 videos...
So, I think the number is going down. That's a good thing.

Now, it says 37 photos....3 video.

So, that's probably good enough.

Settings - General - Storage & iCloud Usage
Used 15.2 GB
Available 11 GB

I'm still not clear why there is so much "used". So, I click Manage Storage, and it says:

Photos & Camera = 10.7 GB
Photo Library = 10.6 GB

Jesus Christ, Apple. There's a "recently deleted" folder, and you have to delete all of hte photos out of there, also.

"It seems that the Photos app has a "nice feature" called "Recently Deleted" that CONTINUES TO KEEP deleted photos on your device for a certain period of time. SO ... Just click on your photos app, then click on its RECENTLY DELETED folder, then empty its contents."

So, I deleted everything from the Recently Deleted folder.

Now -
Settings - General - Storage & iCloud Usage
Used 5.3 GB
Available 21 GB

So, this looks much better.

Posted by Rob Kiser on June 26, 2016 at 10:29 PM


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