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November 9, 2005

Emasculated Victims Gunned Down

The latest school shooting has the liberals, once again, falling all over themselves trying to cast an inanimate object as the villian. As though a gun, of its own accord, went haywire and started killing people. And, if only we could melt all of these little steel weapons down into a pool of liquid, then all the problems of our society would surely melt away with them.

Glenn Reynold's wife, Helen, understands this.

For those of you interested in the gun debate on this issue--it has been found that boys who own legal firearms show less delinquency even then those boys who do not own guns at all. It is the boys that own illegal guns who comitt more crimes--not surprising as they have shown themselves willing to break the law already.

Greg Kuperberg doesn't get it. Greg said:

It really takes a lot of stubbornness not to see the role of guns in these incidents. "Studies have shown that most school shootings involve guns" is one of my standard comments.

Clever Greg. It takes are real head-in-the-sand not to recognize the role of disarmament in these shootings also. Disarming a group of people only creates a pool of victims. A population of people KNOWN to be disarmed. Whether it's at work, at a school, or at a post office, disarmed environments are invariably the places where shooting rampages occur. Why? Because even though the shooters are crazy, they're not stupid. No one walks into a gun show and opens fire. They don't walk into a police station and start shooting. Because they know they'd be killed. An armed society is a polite society. The only way to stop school shooting is to arm the teachers. That's the conclusion that Israel and Thailand came to and guess what? It worked. The assailants stopped walking into schools and killing children because they knew they'd confront armed opponents.

Greg is an idiot in idiot's clothing. He's an Ivy League anti-llectual. A painfully stupid person, tasked with infecting the next generation of sheeple with his liberal gun bias.

If guns were the problem, Greg, then gun shows would be the most dangerous places on Earth, and cities with gun control like D.C. and Chicago would be Utopian societies. Obviously, just the opposite is true. Inanimate objects don't cause crime, Greg, so go back to sleep. Your gun paranoia won't fly here. The internet is a place of logic and debate, not emotional paranoia and delusional ranting. That may work in your self-help seances at UCDavis in Kalifornia, but it won't get you far on the net.

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Posted by Peenie Wallie on November 9, 2005 at 7:58 AM