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November 9, 2005

Canon EOS 20D - Error 99

If you're like me and you shelled out a couple grand for a Canon EOS 20D and lens, I hope you have a good backup camera. Yesterday, I sent mine in for warranty repair for the 2nd time in less than a year. The ubiquitous "Err 99" message is a catch-all message for the EOS-20D. The standard cause, however, is that the lens that came with the camera won't work with camera. Funny, because it's a Canon lens and a Canon frame and I bought them as a package. So, you'd think they'd work together, but there you have it.

So now, I'm off to shoot Peasants in the Dakotas, and once again, I'm taking my backup camera, the Canon Pro-1, on the road. At least it has a 3:2 aspect ratio, but, other than that, this is a miserable little camera. Plan on using a tripod for any shots, and take a Valium before you take it out of the box. Trust me on this one. You need to be heavily medicated before you attempt to use the Pro-1, or you'll wind up killing strangers.

Will someone please remind me why I buy Canon cameras? For those of you keeping score at home, the Canons suck. They ALL suck.

Update: I sent my camera and lens back to Canon for service in November of 2005 and they fixed the problem free of charge under warranty. It is working fine now and I don't get the error message any more. It's frustrating though, because I sent the camera in for repair twice in less than a year. As it so happened, both times I was traveling out of state without my new camera, which is a major inconvenience. My suggestion is, if you buy the EOS 20D, you'd better have a good backup camera.

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Canon EOS 20D Error 99

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Posted by Peenie Wallie on November 9, 2005 at 9:12 PM