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July 6, 2019

The 5th of July

So, yesterday was Friday, the Fifth of July. After riding all day, I was coming back from Leadville in the dark, heading North on state hwy 91, I hit a deer on my AT about 4 miles south of Copper around 11:00 at night. I crashed out and was lying on the ground, my motorcycle about 10 yards past me.

I don't have my glasses on when I stop. And I can't move. I'm just lying there in the dark. Blind. Injured. Unmoving. Laying on the ground on my back.

Some people stopped to help me. It was a hispanic family, I think. They called 911 and helped to collect my scattered belongings. They bring me my glasses missing left lens, and I put them on. Now, at least i can see with one eye. Now, they collect my other things (gopro camera, left glasses lens, my Garmin Montana). Somehow, their son collected all of these things in the dark.

They tell me they've called 911 and I'm like thank you. Please don't leave me here to die. So, they waited with me, thank God.

The police showed up...about 3 cars and an ambulance all show up with lights rolling. Never been so happy to see police in my life.

The cops want to know how fast I was going and why there aren't any dead deer. I'm like...I wasn't speeding. I was going the speed limit. About 60 mph. I have no idea where the deer went.

the cops ask me if i want to have the bike towed, and i say yes. but i'm never clear who tows it or to where.

somehow, one of the cops says he knows me. he stopped me going over Hoosier Pass a year or two ago and I'm like...oh yeah. for sure i remember. northbound on hwy 9 over hoosier pass. stopped me at the first switchback. remember it well. small world.

the ambulance people are asking me where it hurts, and i point to my left big toe. it hurts like hell. also, my left chest hurts like hell. but honestly, they don't seem overly concerned. like, if you lose your left big toe no one cares. they're checking my back and neck for injuries. this is what they're concerned about.

They somehow get me onto a stretcher.after checking my back and neck for injuries. Then into the back of an ambulance. And they take me somewhere, at the time, I'm not clear where.

They wheel me in to some room and the police start interrogating me. I'm like...'I'm not answering any of your questions. I hit a deer. I was not speeding. I'm not clear where the deer went." They want proof of insurance, and I'm not providing anything. I give them my driver's license.

But I'm just waiting and waiting and no Dr. ever shows up. Nurse Ratchet is a royal bitch to me the entire time. Won't give me water (can't before dr sees me). Can't provide an estimate on when Dr. could see me (if ever). He has 14 patients, damn you. And is a royal bitch to me. and eventually, I tell the cunt working there that, if they can't provide a dr, then I'm leaving. She refuses to give me water (can't before dr sees me), and refuses to give a time estimate on when, if ever, the dr. would appear.

So, after I've been there for some time, I get onto my iphone and contact either uber/lyft to come get me. The technology is amazing. Like...I don't even know where I am, but suddenly people are coming to get me in the darkness. Fuck you people. I'm out of here.

My driver shows up and finds me and somehow, they wheel me out into the darkness and I get into the back of his car, somehow.

I'm in pain, but at least I'm not under the illusion of being in a dr's care anymore. Fuck you people. I'm out of here.

My thought is that, whatever is wrong with me (and there may be plenty), but it's not life threatening, so there's no reason for me to be dying of thirst in a doc-in-a-box where I get billed for no help whatsoever.

Now, I get a ride home with the lyft driver. It was very confusing to me how we got everything from the highway to the back of the lyft car, but there are many things to locate....gopro, garmin montana, left glasses lens. then also, there's the wallet and drivers license. all of this is just too much to keep up with and we roll away into the night.

lyft driver gets me home, and somehow i make it inside, and up to my bedroom on 2nd floor. i explain to him that i can't find my wallet. he searches the car, and can't find it. so i say thaanks and he rolls into the darkness.

in the morning, i wake up to a nightmare. i can't find my wallet. i'm not sure where i was last night (doc in the box), i'm not sure who towed my motorcycle or where they took it. I can't find my wallet.

Margie helps me to sort everything out. she brings up my glasses lens, my gopro. so now i can see out of both eyes. i have gopro.

Then, she figures out who towed my motorcycle (Ryan's Recovery). Where I was at the doc-in-the-box (st anthony medical care clinic). Then calls to confirm that the medical care clinic has my wallet.

So, we found my wallet and my motorcycle.

Now, the plan is to go up tomorrow (Sun) and try to recover the wallet(St Anthony in Frisco) and the motorcycle(Ryan's Recovery). Jesus Christ on a pogo stick.

Posted by Rob Kiser on July 6, 2019 at 11:36 PM


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