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May 21, 2019

3DR Solo Drone Not Recording

I went and flew my drone at the lake today for the first time in forever, pretty much. I did OK flying it. I didn't put it in the lake. But, when I got it, back ,it hadn't recorded anything. Argh. Trying to figure out why this is.

OK. I put the GoPro app on the front page of the iphone. Let's start with that.

Now, when I launch the GoPro app, it says "PeenieWallie not found".

Here are my instructions for the last time I did this, 4 years ago.

I click "control your gopro".

The app says "make sure peeniewallie is on"

Press and hold the button on the side of your camera to activate wireless (the wireless icon should appear).

Connect to your camera's wifi.

1. Go to settings-wifi on your phone.
2. Select your gopro (peeniewallie) from the list and enter the password if prompted.
3. Once connected, return to the GoPro App.

OK. I think that, first of all, I have "Wireless" turned off on the Hero4.
I hit Mode the Mode button on the Hero4 and scroll through to Setup.
Then, I hit the top (select?) button on top of the camera.
Now, I'm in a wireless menu.
The first icon in the wireless menu says that Wireless is Off.

Hit the top select button on top of the Hero 4.
Now, my options are "OFF", "PAIR", and "BACK"

So, I'm guessing that this is my problem.

Now, I navigate so that the OFF is selected, and I hit the select button and now, it looks like I have turned on the WiFi. There is now a flashing blue light.

Now, I think that I need to go to the "PAIR" option.

Hit "MODE" twice to get down to "PAIR". Hit select button on top.

Now, my options are "GoPro APP" and "WI-FI RC".

So, I select WI-FI RC, and it says "you've got 3 minutes get going".

Now, in a panic, I turn on my iphone, Go to Settings - WIFI. Select "PeenieWallie". Put in the password.

Christ. It worked, I think.

Ooops. the GoPro says "pairing failed".


"Put RC in pairing mode".

WTF does that mean? That's what my camera is screaming at me.



OK. Lets see. I think i want to start over.

When i launch the 3DR Solo app on the iphone it says "new software

So, first, lets update the software on the iphone.

Ok. Did that. Now it says it wants to update the 3DR SOLO controller.
So, apparently the 3DR controller has a wifi network also.

So, I turned on the 3-DR solo controller and now it says 'waiting for solo'.


So I put the battery in the drone to see what happens.
Drone lights up. It has no camera in it.

Ok. Now If I go to WiFi on my iphone I do see another network now and it's called

So, it does appear that the drone is creating a wifi network named Sololink_33FC14.

So, i finally got the GoPro working. The trick is to make sure that thecamera is flashing red before you let it fly.

There are some final steps i had to do to get the drone to record before i let it fly. I think on the iphone app there were some steps right at the end to get it to sync to the network Sololink_33FC14.

So, I decide that I'll sort of start over. Like...it's not fucking working, right?

Apparently, the GoPro is supposed to create a wireless network.

I do see the wireless network created by the Hero4 when I do the following:

1) Turn on Hero4.
2) Turn on iPhone 6S+

On the phone, I go to Settings - WiFi.

And, I do see a wireless network named "PeenieWallie".

So, the Hero4 is creating a wireless network named PeenieWallie, and I can see it. And when I turn the camera off, it goes away.

Now, it's gone, and it's not coming back apparently. Nice.

OK. I see part of what's going on here. I have to turn on the Wireless network on the camera, I think. So, to turn on the wireless network on the camera, I have to go to:

The first option is RC + App.
If I select this option, it allows me to turn wireless on, and theres an option called "pair".

Once I select "one", a blue light starts flashing on the Hero4.

I now see "peeniewallie" as a network on the iphone.

Now, on the iphone, I select "peeniewallie" as my network, and it appears to work.

Now, I exit the menu on the Hero4. It has a flashing blue light at this point. Is it working? Who knows?

Posted by Rob Kiser on May 21, 2019 at 6:04 PM


"I went and flew my drone at the lake today for the first time in forever"

Forget drones, you need one of these . . .



published on Aug 28, 2019

Otto Widlroither brings his giant homemade Concord in the air for the very first time.

Technical data:
Scale 1/6
Span: 4 m / 13 ft.
Lenght: 10 m / 33 ft.
Height: 1.85 m / 6.1 ft.
Weight: 149 Kg / 328.5 pounds
Turbine: 4x JetCat P300 Pro
Fuel Tanks Capacity: 4x6 liters / 5.8 Gallons (UK)
Gears: Pneumatic
Radio: PowerBox CORE
Receiver: PowerBox PBR-26D
Servos: 18x HACKER TD2612S
Air Tank: 30 liters

The fuselage and wings is made of carbon fibre sandwich

Kit: Self made
1 year computer construction planning
2 years of building

Posted by: anonymous on August 29, 2019 at 4:27 PM

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