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October 15, 2018

SV3C WIFI Camera

So, I ordered this new tricked out camera which supposedly will notify me when the coon is in the house. Trying to get it set up now.

I believe the SV3C camera I purchased is this one:
720P Wireless IP Camera (SV-B06W-720P-HX)

Apparently, they sent me the directions already in an email. I've renamed it and saved a local copy here: CamHi_Instructions_for_SV-B06W_Camera.pdf

Here's a link to the company's site ostensibly with the directions for installing it:

This shows how to put the MicroSD card in it:


OK. Now that I have the MicroSD card in the camera, how do I access the photos in the camera?

I looked at the directions that they emailed me, but they send me to another place. Great.

4. Regarding FTP settings, please refer to the instruction on SV3C website
http://www.sv3c.com/Instruction-and-Software-For-960P-1080P-WiFi-IP-Camera-H-series-.html click 5 - FTP Server- User Manual to learn more. FTP can only backup motion detection pictures and videos. FTP cannot store 24/7 recordings.

OK. I downloaded a local copy and saved it here: 5-FTP_Server_User_Manual.pdf

OK. Now, I go into the iphone CamHi - Setup - FTP Setting.
Server Address:
Server Port: 21
User Name


Use Windows Explorer to access camera SD card file
1. Turn on computer.
Turn on computer and open Windows Explorer for accessing the ftp server.

Windows Explorer
2. Enter the FTP address.
Enter the FTP address ( by default) in the URL field of the explorer.

OK. But this isn't working for me. And, on my iphone, if I go into the CamHi App > Setup > FTP Setting, there's nothing there. So, I'm thinking I've got to set up the FTP configuration on the iPhone first. Hmmmm.

Windows Explorer FTP
3. Login FTP
Then an FTP login window shows up asking for login ID and password, defaults are admin and 1234.

Login FTP - Windows Explorer
4. Access File
After filling in the login ID and password fields, you will see the FTP directory.

FTP Folder - Windows Explorer
Use IE browser to access camera SD card file
Access SD card file with IE browser
Besides, users can also just launch the IE browser to access SD card. In the same way, enter the FTP address ( by default) in the address field. After finishing the login process, you will see the FTP directory.

FTP - Internet Explorer
What's on-board/edge storage?
Edge storage or on-board storage means the video recording at the edge of the Ethernet network as opposed to transmit the data across the network. The edge storage is able to provide three main benefits; decentralized storage, redundancy, and low bandwidth. This is the reason why it's widely used in many IP cameras. Edge storage function enables camera to record video directly to a storage device such as an SD/SDHC card inserted into the camera. Additionally, it can store the snapshot either captured by motion detection or user's operation.

Here's the link to my camera:

1) Download the CamHi App from App Store.

It has 147 ratings and a 3/5 star review.
It says:
Rating: 4+

Click Install.

Now, I have the CamHi App installed on my iphone.

2) Connect the network cable and then power for the camera.

I have done both of these, but not sure about the order.) OK. So, went down and cycled the power on the camera. So, in theory, I've now done these two steps in the right order.

3) Configure WIFI connection.

Could you be a little more fucking vague on this? Fuck...

4) Watch what you concern.

I turn my phone back on.
CamHi Would Like to Access Your Photos
Add pictures to your album
Clicked OK

CamHi Would Like to Send You Notification.
Clicked Allow

Now, it says: Camera
Add Camera

Clicked Add Camera.
Entered the following:
Name: RobCamera1
Username: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxxx

Clicked "Search Camera From LAN" and it autofilled the UID MMMM-400767-EDCDB

I clicked DONE, and it says:

Wrong Password

I'm still getting: Wrong Password

Finally, I just let it default to admin/admin.

Name: RobCamera1
Username: xxxxx
Password: xxxxx

Says it's online now. Hmmmm.


Holy shit. I launch the app and it's working. Christ. I can see my camera downstairs over wifi. wtf?

Now, I'm using the app a little. It lets me record video. It lets me take still photos. It let's me watch (and listen), in real time, what's going on at my pet door. This is amazing.

Now, I see that I can click on the speaker icon, and I get audio through the phone from downstairs. (Basically, the camera is connected to my home network via ethernet. My iphone is connected to my home network via wifi).

Now, if I click on the speaker icon, then it provides me with audio realtime from downstairs, and shows a little microphone logo to indicate that it's transmitting sound, I suppose.

But if I try to record video, by clicking on the camcorder icon, it says I don't have a memory card in the unit. So, I'll take my MicroSD card out of the GoPro and put it in the camera to see if that works.

Basically, I have 8 icons I can play with in this app:
1) Pramid - Flip/Mirror.
2) magnifying glass - zoom in/zoom out. focus in/focus out.
3) upside down exclamation point - this appears to be where you set up a number that it should call for some reason.
4) power on/off icon
5) speaker - this allows you to hear through the camera, apparently. It give you a new microphone icon. If you touch the microphone icon it turns light blue briefly.
6) camera - if you touch this, it appears to save snapshots of the screen.
7) video camera - if you touch this icon, it appears to be recording. but sometimes it says that the camera doesn't have a microsd card. Not clear why the response varies.
8) ? - the lower right icon allows you to switch between HD and SD (high def and low def).

OK. Now, I found this website which helps at lot:


When you first launch CamHi, click on the gear icon on the far right for Setup:
1) Change Password. So, I'm going to change my password: it let me change it to cityyear.
2) Alarm Setting - Turned on Motion Detection. Selected "Total Area". Click Apply.
3) Action w/ Alarm - Basically, I just turned everything on.
Alarm Notifications
Alarm SD Rec
Save Snapshots on FTP server
Save Video on FTP Server
Snapshot Number: 3

4) Recording Schedule: Set recording length to 15 sec.
5) Audio Setting - no change.
6) Video Setting - no change.
7) WiFi setting - no change.

Posted by Rob Kiser on October 15, 2018 at 5:27 PM


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