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November 5, 2017

Renaming Photos on MacBook Air

So, I'm trying to figure out how to rename my photos on the MacBook Air. The problem is that, when I connect the Canon Cameras to the MacBook Air, they don't show up in FInder. Now, probably if I pulled out my memory card, shoved it in a USB card reader, and then connected this to the MacBook Air, then I think I could copy my photos over, which is what I want to do. But, I don't want to bend the pins in my camera by pulling out and jamming in a memory card every day just because Apple sucks so hard there aren't words.

So instead, let's try this. Let's bring them into iPhoto(Photos). Then, we'll try to export them from iphotos, and then rename them. Let's see how that works.

So, I hook up the camera to the MacBook Air. Photos launches. Click "Import All New Photos Because Apple Sucks Dicks".

OK. Now, I see....it's importing a lot of photos I'd deleted from iPhoto, but they were still on the memory card. Nice. So, now I've got to update my daily task list to include:

o Delete photos from memory cards on cameras.

OK. Now, I have all of the photos in iPhoto. Unhook the camera. Now, let's see if we can figure out where iPhotos stores them.

"Where does photos store my files?" - "They are stored in a file named Photos Library which is located in the /Home/Pictures/ folder. You need to open Photos in order to see what is in the the library."

OK. I do see the /Pictures/Photos Library file. You double click it and it launches Photos. Clever.

"Go to Photos Menu -> Preferences -> General. Click the "Show in Finder" button in the dialog box. Right-click and select "Show Package Contents", this will show a directory listing. Select and open the folder named "Masters"

But, I think instead that I'll try to do the following:
1) export all 484 images from Photos
2) make a copy of them in another folder
3) run the new program to rename them based on exif data.

1) Launch Photos.
2) Hit Command-A to select all photos.
3) File - Export - Export Unmodified Original for 484 Photos...
4) Export IPTC as XMP?

"Export photos in their original format. You can export photos in the original file formats in which they were imported into your Photos Library. Click the Export IPTC as XMP checkbox to export IPTC information (assigned IPTC metadata and keywords) as a sidecar XMP file." I have no clue what this means.

5) Click Export.
6) Click New Folder.
7) Name of new folder: iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05
8) Click Create
9) Click Export Originals

OK. I'm not clear why, but Apple put it underneath the existing folder named iPhoto_sux_dix. So, it was iphoto_sux_dix\iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05. Brilliant.

So, somehow, I managed to move the folder up to it's correct location, so my folders look like this:
\documents\iphoto_sux_dix (this has 197 photos in it, and they're all named yyyy-mm-dd etc.)
\documents\iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05 (this has 484 photos in it)

Christ I hate apple. Eventually, I realized that I had already exported and renamed the photos prior to the ones I shot today. So, I selected all of the old photos from Photos and drug them to the Recently Deleted trash can on the left side of the screen. So now, we should just be dealing with the new photos that I shot starting yesterday. Of course, it's apple, so for some reason, he thinks the photos started on October 22. Great. Thanks for that Apple.

So, now we're dealing with 90 Photos. Went back into my iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05 folder and deleted everything. Let's try this again.

Ctrl-A - File - Export - Export Unmodified Original for 90 Photos - Export - iphoto-sux-dix_2017_11_05.- Export Originals. Export Complete - It disappeared before I could read it. Thanks Apple. Thanks for that.

OK. Now, I have a new folder named iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05. It only has 90 photos in it. But they're all of the format IMG_9999.jpg. So, now we want to do the renaming trick.

The software I downloaded is named ExifREnamer. So, now what I do is go to:
o Finder - Documents - iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05
o Command - A to select all photos.
o Right Click - Open With - ExifRenamer.
o Rename All.

It does appear to have renamed them all. Christ.

Now, what I want to do is delete them from Photos, and re-import them with the correct name format.

Now, I go into photos and delete everything. Are you sure you want to? Yep.

Now, File - Import - iphoto_sux_dix_2017_11_05. Command - A. Review For Import. Import All New Photos.

Christ. That worked. So now, I have figured out how to rename and then reimport my photos. Christ.

Now, let's go through and mark favorites, as we would normally do.

Then, I exported my favorites to a new folder named favorites. OK. Good enough.
Now, I'm got to copy these files onto my home server through an RDP tunnel.

Posted by Rob Kiser on November 5, 2017 at 8:29 PM


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