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March 22, 2017

Garmin Montana 600 & Garmin Map Updater on a MacBook Air


All software in Mac OS X is installed in /Applications, which can be found in the Finder sidebar

Most Mac applications don't have to be installed, you just have to copy the applications in the Applications folder. Normally, all installed applications that are in the /Applications folder appear automatically in the Launchpad.

So, I'm not clear why, but my Garmin Express App didn't show up in my Launchpad.

But I do see it in /Applications.

Now, it says "Garmin express does not support this device. Please use Garmin Map Updater."

So, I click Download.

Then, I install it and then I have to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

You have Communicator Plugin.
Up to Date, Version

Devices Detected
Montana 600 (Unit ID 3882856730)

So, Garmin Express is not what I need. It does not support the Garmin Montana 600.

I did eventually launch the Garmin Map Updater. It looks like I can buy maps of Mexico for about $50 USD ($1,000 Mexican Pesos). But, I want to verify that I can store both countries in the Garmin Montana at the same time. I also want to copy my tracks off of the Garmin montana first.

1) Copy tracks off of Garmin Montana 600.
2) Install maps of Mexico.

OK. So, I think I've discovered before that the EasyGPS software that runs under windows (not Mac) copies the tracks off of the Garmin Montana. Hmmmm.

OK. So, it looks like Apple has some software called Basecamp that is compatible with the Garmin Montana 600.

But, having said that, I think I'm going to try to copy my tracks off using EasyGPS as I already have it installed on a windows machine.

OK. Hook up my Garmin Montana 600 to a laptop running EasyGPS.

Click on GPS - Receive from GPS - Then select Routes, Tracks, & Saved Tracks from Garmin Montana 600. Click OK.

It looks like my tracks go back to July 19, 2016.

So, in the end, I saved these off as s:\garmin\2017_California.gpx.

Now, to upload them onto a map.

Go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/

Select your .gpx file.

Click Map It.

So, here is a map of my trips from Los Angeles to SF (and back), and also my trip from Los Angeles to Bahia De Los Angeles and back. (It says it's available temporarily, anyway.)

Now, I'm deleting my tracks so I can start over in Mexico.
Deleting Tracks from the Garmin Montana 600.

Tap on Up arrow at bottom center of screen on Garmin Montana 600.
Tap on Track Manager.
Tap on Current Track.
Tap Clear Current Track.
> Do you really want to clear the track log and reset associated trip data?
Tap on Clear.

Tap on Archived Tracks.
Select the top track.
Tap on Delete.
Tap on Delete again.
Rinse. Repeat.

So, it looks like I've successfully erased all of my tracks from my GPS. Lord.

Now, I'd like to install the maps for Mexico on my Garmin Montana 600.

I very nearly had this working on the MacBook Air.
Let's switch back over there and see how that works.

I go to Finder - Favorites - Downloads, I do see GarminMapUpdater.dmg.
So, I click on that. Now, I see Garmin Map Update.
I double click that.
Garmin Map Update is an application downloaded from the internet (horrors). Are you sure you want to open it?

Click Open.

Checking for software updates for Garmin Map Update
Downloading software updates for Garmin Map Update
Welcome to Garmin Map Update. This application will guide you through the map installation process.
Plug in your Garmin GPS device and click on Continue.

Eventually, the shitty software recognizes my gps after I remove and reinstall the cable.

Select the Garmin GPS device you would like to update:
Montana 600 (Unit ID 3882856730).
Click on the only one listed, obviously.
Click Continue.
It's really slow, or buggy, or both. I do it a couple of times. Finally, I get
a license agreement. Check.
To improve future generations, I'll let the NSA stalk me...uncheck.
Then, I accidentally clicked twice and it went haywire on me. Let's start over...

OK. Now...A new map update is available for purchase (surprise, surprise).
What would you like to do?
Visit garmin.com to view and purchase available maps.
Click Continue.
It launcches Safari and now at my.garmin.com. Montana 600. Purchasable updates.

FInally, I realize...I already have the maps for Mexico in the stupid thing. Lord God.

Now, I tell it to navigate to my hotel:

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Posted by Rob Kiser on March 22, 2017 at 11:28 AM


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