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August 2, 2010

Sony Vaio Dingleberries

LiveAssist Transcript

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chat id : c86313b8-4017-4e04-b3ea-07ebe5c99f15
Problem : can't reinstall video driver.
Tasha_ > Welcome to Sony Online Support. I see by your model number that your Computer is out of warranty. Sony phone support cannot provide you with any free technical support, but Sony has provided a way for you to obtain 15 minutes of free chat support. We've been solving more than 50% of the issues during these free periods. If your particular issue is more complex and can't be fully resolved by the end of the free 15 minutes, then you will have the option of paying to continue the Support session.

Tasha_ > Hi, Rob. I'm Tasha. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.
Tasha_ > Thanks for waiting, Rob. I'm sorry that the Video Driver is not getting installed in the Computer. I'll be happy to assist you.
Tasha_ > Could you please provide full Name and Telephone #? In case, if the chat gets disconnected, we'll arrange a call back for you.
Rob > Rob 303-999-9999 .
Tasha_ > Thanks for the information.
Tasha_ > Have you changed the preinstalled Operating System in your Computer?

Rob > I didn't intend to. Today, PC crashed. Couldn't find my original XP install disks that came with PC. So I stuck in a DELL XP install disk for XP PRO SP3. Figured it would work.
Rob > Went to recovery console. Did a chkdsk /p /r.
Rob > Then, this fixed the problem so I could reboot into XP.
Rob > But once in, now I can't get correct video driver loaded.
Tasha_ > Rob, I suggest that you purchase Recovery Discs to resolve the issue completely.
Rob > purchase what?
Rob > Why don't you send me the XP install disks?
Rob > Dell sends them out for free.
Rob > Are you telling me that I'll never buy a Sony Vaio again?
Rob > Because this will do it for me I promise you that.
Rob > I've bought 3 so far, but this will be my last if you hose me.
Tasha_ > Rob, I suggest that you contact our Direct Accessories and Parts Center at 1-800-488-7669 1-800-488-7669 to purchase the Recovery
Rob > are you serious? You won't send me a copy of my XP install CD's? Is that what you're saying?
Rob > OMG sony sucks.
Rob > We're done. I'll never buy a Sony Vaio again. Just so we're clear...you're refusing to send me a copy of the XP Install CD's. Right?
Tasha_ > Rob, as per the information available online the Computer is shipped with the Recovery Partition.
Rob > You're refusing to help me solve this problem.
Tasha_ > As you have installed the Operating system from Dell, the Recovery partition has been deleted.
Rob > No. wrong.
Rob > I didnt' delete anything.
Rob > I didn't reinstall the O/S.
Rob > What I did was this...booted into the Recovery Console...and ran one command.
Rob > I told you what it was.
Rob > I did a "chkdsk /p /r"
Rob > This does not reinstall the O/S.
Rob > Nor does it delete any partitions.
Tasha_ > In that case, please restart the Computer and press the F10 Key immediately at the startup to access the Recovery Partiton.
Rob > wow.
Rob > glad you weren't jumping to conclusions, ignoring what I said, and trying to sell me something.
Rob > Glad you've understood what I said.
Rob > I mean, the last 15 minutes were a complete waste, but I'm glad you're on board now.
Tasha_ > Please restart the Computer and press the F10 Key immediately at startup and let me know the optins availble
Rob > unfortunately, I'm on the vaio laptop right now, so if i do that, we'll be disconnected, obviously.
Tasha_ > Rob, in thar case, I suggest that you perform the steps to restore the Computer back to factory settings.
Rob > seriously? and throw away all of my data? a complete reinstall? wow. that blows.
Tasha_ > Rob, are you getting any error message while installing the Video Driver?
Rob > Did you find something more interesting to do than chat with me?
Tasha_ > Rob, are you getting any error message while installing the Video Driver?
Rob > No. Says it works fine. But then when I reboot, the hardware wizard comes up.
Tasha_ > Are you using the same Computer to chat with me?
Rob > yes.
Rob > I don't understand why reinstalling the video driver doesn't work. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3. I did not change the O/S.
Tasha_ > I can make a connection to your VAIO computer so we can solve this problem together.
Tasha_ > Would you allow one time access to your Computer to help resolve the issue?
Rob > I'll pass. Thanks anyway.
Tasha_ > I have notified that you have left the room, Are we still connected?
Tasha_ > Please acknowldge my question by keying in a responce, so that I can know that you're still connected.
Tasha_ > It seems that we have lost the connection. Hence I am closing that chat session.
Tasha_ > Good-bye and thank you for contacting Sony Online Support.

Tasha_ > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Posted by Rob Kiser on August 2, 2010 at 1:46 AM


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