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January 21, 2007

Getting Lost

Getting Lost
By Jennifer Kiser

On a bitter cold day in Colorado, I was planning on flying to France that night.

I say goodbye to everyone and get on my flight. It seemed to take forever to get there but soon we arrived and right when we got out of the airplane I was shocked.

I yelled,"THIS IS IRELAND NOT FRANCE! How could this happen? I'm trapped in Ireland. This is terrible! I don't have the money to fly back and I don't know anyone here!

Huh, I guess I'll just walk around town..

"Hey look", I yelled, "Dancers!" They were stomping foot after foot. Left, right, left, right. I could hardly keep up with them myself.

I walked around until I found the capital which was Dublin. I saw a small shop I went inside.Inside there was everything you could find - globes, pictures, jewelry - anything you would want was in that shop.Then I saw a cell phone, I could call my parents to tell them to come and get me! I bought the cell phone and called them right away.

"Hello. This is Michelle and Rob. How may we help you?"

"Mom, dad - quick - come and get me!"

"OK. Where are you?"

"I'm in Ireland!"

"OK. Don't worry. We're on our way."

When they got here I was so happy because I knew I was safe. When we got home my mom and dad promised to get me a cell phone that day.

Then end.

Posted by Peenie Wallie on January 21, 2007 at 11:16 AM