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October 3, 2006

Hooking Up The Toys

I'm trying to get my Verizon Motorola Razr V3c to work with my Sony Vaio laptop and my Compaq 1945 PDA. They all have Bluetooth, so, in theory, I should be able to sync the phone to either the laptop or the PDA or the desktop or something. I'd also like to be able to just see the phone as a USB drive so that I can move files between the network and the phone. But, of course, I'm reasonably sure that our good ole' friends at Verizon have disabled everything so that you can't use the phone as it's intended by Motorola.

I have the cell phone configured to work with my Vaio laptop as a tethered modem, so I'm good there. First of all, I just want to be able to pull images out of the phone, so I want it to appear in Windows Explorer as a USB drive. You wouldn't think this would be that hard, so I plugged it into my desktop computer with a USB cable and it says:

"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

Nice. So, I found this guy's web site, and it looks like he may be on the right track.

So, I downloaded the drivers and unzipped them. I edited the USBMOTO2000.INF file and made the following changes.


Then, he talks about installing the Mobile Phone Tools, but I'm not clear that my phone came with that CD. So, I dug out my RAZR box, and I did find a CD in it. But, when I put in the CD, it's just some woman talking a bunch of marketing gobblety gook. Not worth listening to. Nothing about "Mobile Phone Tools" that I could find.

So, I unplugged the USB cable connected to the phone and plugged it back in again. It said it didn't recognize the device, so I pointed it to my newly edited drivers, and it found them but warned me that they didn't pass Windows logo testing. Like I care. So I clicked "Continue Anyway". And it seems happy to inform me that I have a "Motorola USB Modem". I'm like...whoopee. It wants me to reboot, but I never buy into this scare tactic. Normally, it works without rebooting.

So, I launch a new Windows Explorer session, but I don't see my phone in there, so I reboot. I doubt this will change anything, but it's worth a shot. Nothing changed when I rebooted. Big surprise. I do see something called "Mobile Device", but that were there before I rebooted, and it's an empty folder. Is this my phone? Who knows.

So, I installed the same drivers on a different USB port. Same results. Then, I went into Device Manager, and I do see the phone in there. Under Modems, it says "Motorola USB Modem" if I plug it into the first USB port, and then "Motorola USB Modem #2" if I plug it into the second USB port. So, it does see the silly phone, anyway.

So, my guess is that I need to install the "Mobile Phone Tools", whatever that is. When the Verizon store in Idaho Falls got me all torqued up by configuring my Razr as a tethered modem, I got the "Mobile Office Kit", which is apparently different from the "Mobile Phone Tools", according to this web site. Apparently, they sell the Mobile Phone Tool, so that's probably why I don't have it.

There is apparently a product called Bitpim that may work, though. So, I downloaded and executed the Windows edition of Bitpim (version 0.9.07). For the Motorola V3c, it says "What works: Phonebook, calendar, ringtones, wallpapers, SMS support, phone info, and phone detection."

It says that Bitpim should autodetect the V3c, but it doesn't autodetect my phone. Go figure. So, I plugged it into the other port, so it is "Motorola USB Modem #2" and then it autodetects fine and asks for my name and I put in "Peenie". It said it found it on COM5 and lord god I hate com ports.

Now, when I attempt to get data from the phone, it says "The phone is not responding while manipulating the filesystem. See the help for troubleshooting tips." Aarrgh.

I found this little gem in the help text:

If you are still reading, you are likely to be very frustrated.
As stated at the top, each machine is different and the names and
numbers assigned depend on how you have used the machine in the past,
the drivers installed etc. It is extremely difficult for anyone to
diagnose the cause on your exact setup.

Well, at least they know I'm p1ssed. That's a start.

So, I scrapped Bitpim and I downloaded and installed Mobile PhoneTools. Then I selected a default profile and it said "please wait your phone is being installed and setup." And the phone beeped a bit, and I got all excited. And then a new image launched on my screen, an image of a phone I don't own and it said "Phone Image Not Available - Initializing". And, there it just hangs. Nice.

Finally, I jacked with it enough that I managed to launch the "Multimedia Studio". And, guess what? It allows you to copy photos onto your cell phone, but not from your cell phone. This sucks. This sucks hard.

So, I decided to delete both of my Motorola USB Modems, from Device Manager, and reinstall them using the .INF files that came with the Mobile PhoneTools.

Still just says "Initializing" and there's a warning message that "No Modem" is detected. So, I did a live update from 3.11 to 3.28. Please wait your phone is being installed and set up. "

Now, it finally has a picture of the RAZR V3c. So, this looks better. Oh Lord God I think it's working. So, with version 3.28, it was working somewhat. I could send and recive contacts to/from the phone. But, for whatever reason, the Multimedia Studio wasn't working. So, I read that the latest release was 4.21, and I was only on 3.28, so I performed another LiveUpdate, and this one took me to 3.30. Restarting the app suggested I upgrade to 4.04, which I accepted, which began a 52 Meg download. So, for whatever reason, I'm being daisy-chained through these various releases. One can only hope that at the end of the rainbow, my app will be functioning correctly.

This time, I had to reinstall the drivers, so I pointed it to some new drivers for XP (C:\Program Files\Motorola Phone Tools\Inf\W2K_XP_USB_Drivers) that had been installed, apparently. It wanted me to reboot, but I declined. Then, I re-launched the Mobile PhoneTools and (surprise, surprise), it wanted me to upgrade from 4.04 to 4.21. I'm ready to kill myself. It shouldn't be this hard. OK. Fine. Upgrade from 4.04 to 4.21a. Why not?

And now, now that I've upgraded to 4.21a...now it won't detect my phone any more. Nice. It was detecting it fine from release 3.28 up to release 4.04. But, now, on 4.21a, no dice. Nice job, Motorola. Nice job.

Rebooting solved the problem. Now, It tells me I'm on release 4.21a, and I'm on the current release. it recognizes the phone, and seems happy. Not sure how to do anything, but the software is current, recognizes the phone, and appears to be operational. Nice.

So, this does appear to let me do some things, but the freaks at Verizon have disabled everything you'd like to do such as copy over images and ringtones. Those bastards!

Apparently, there are other toosl that can be installed, such as "p2kman, p2ktools, menueditor, motokit, pst,etc". Not clear what these are.

According to this site the apps should be installed in the following order: mpt, pst, p2kman. So, I've installed MPT(Mobile PhoneTools) 4.21a. Now, I need to install PST, whatever that is. According to this site, I need to download and install the Motorola Product Support Tool(PST) version 7.2.3.

Then, while I was downloading PST 7.2.3, just for grins, I launched Bitpim again. This time, it works like a charm. Probably because of the updated drivers that I installed as I upgrated the MPT to 4.21a. So, in any event, Bitpim is working fairly well. So, I tried to copy everything out of the phone that I possibly could using Bitpim. It's been running for some time, and it appears to be successfully copying all of my .jpg files out of the phone, albeit slowly, as my desktop front non-powered USB port that I'm using (COM5) only runs at USB 1.1 speeds.

So, I'm not really clear that I need to install the PST or P2Kman. I think I can do what I want at this point with MPT and Bitpim.

Bummer. After it appeared that it was copying scads of .jpg files to Bitpim, at the end, it gave me some error message that the phone wasn't reponding. And, apparently, Bitpim lost everything it had copied. Sucks.

So, I reran the Bitpim grab-things-from-phone icon, but this time I just selected each item one at a time...phone book, SMS, wallpaper, etc. Then it worked like a champ. Grabbed everything off of my phone. Sweet!

Then, I went into Bitpim's export and exported all my images to a folder. And now, voila, I've successfully copied all of the images out of my cell phone. That was easy enough. Thanks Verizon! You're a peach. It only took me a half a day to set it up. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

Update: With Bitpim, I'm still not able to copy videos or games into and out of my phone, or at least I've not figured out how to do it. This guy sounds like he may be onto something:

As for the hacking part as one person said previously, you can use bitpim to hack this phone. If you want to put music onto it without wasting more money on that Verizon software that allows you to do so, simply find p2k phone manager, MAKE SURE IT IS THE VERSION THAT WORKS WITH CDMA PHONES OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK. There are some tutorials that I found useful to help you through this, and when you're done hacking and stuff, you can have a lot of bonus features that Verizon disabled, such as music/ringtone transfer with MPT(Motorola Mobile Phone Tools), wireless bluetooth transfer, disabling the ringtones that come with it, changing the outer LCD screen. If you choose to do any of these, it will void your warranty, it is not illegal however. If mobile phone tools doesn't detect this phone, you may have the same problem I did, I was running an older version of the software. Also to enable music and ringtone transfer you have to use seem edits, which can be done with p2k phone manager. See, Verizon disabled the feature by making MPT think that the phone was a v3m when in fact the software has the device drivers listed as v3mm, also if those steps dont work after reading some tutorials, you may want to select v3c as your phone model.

Update 2: I installed PST 7.2.3 on my server. This site seems to detail how to get Mobile Phone Tools to work better with the RAZR V3c.

Posted by Peenie Wallie on October 3, 2006 at 2:44 PM


peenie, i took some pics on my phone for a work project one day and couldnt figure out how to get them to my comp.....shit! Working off of ur page helped me find the path to enlightenment however and i gotta say it was an amusing time. I like your outlook on things and keep it real

Williet in SC
ps, my email just got cut off

Posted by: willie t on January 16, 2007 at 1:51 PM

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