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October 03, 2005

Pirate Treasure Cursed on Robinson Crusoe Island

OhMyNews reports that Manuel Salinas, the Chilean engineer who invented "Arturito", sadly, is a socialist. After graduating from Cologne University in Germany, he spent 12 years looking for financing to build his robot.The Chilean company "Wagner Technologies" believed in him and helped make his dream come true.

European scientists have claimed that "Arturito" is 40 years ahead of its time since it works by scanning using atomic gamma rays.

"It scans horizontally and if the signals match the data stored in its computer, it will let us know immediately. So far, I have built six prototypes," added Salinas.

"People are so greedy, I am a Christian and I think this [buried treasure] is a blessing for Chile. But now I think it is a curse. If the government does not allow us to start digging, well, let them find it. They have called us liars, let us dig, then you will see who is lying. According to the robot there are nearly 800 tons of gold there," said Salinas.

"I am so disappointed by our greed, we have not found a single coin and we are already arguing about who is going to keep the treasure," said Salinas.

So, this Manuel Salinas character searches for 12 years to find someone who believes in his idea and will back him financially. Then, when he finally finds them and they fund him to the tune of nearly $200,000 U.S. Dollars, he now has the audacity to say that greed is bad? Look, Einstein. Let me splain something to you. Here's how the economy works. No one is going to give you $200K unless they hope to earn a return on the money. Got it? Now, you got what you wanted. You got enough money to let you play in the lab while you made 6 prototypes. Now, you've made your little toy. And it works. OK. Great.

Now, Gabriel Vargas from Wagner takes it out and plops it down on top of Cerro Tres Puntas, and it says it sees gold. Lots of gold. (I have my doubts about this, but let's assume that it's right, for now.)

Now, you have the audacity to say greed is bad? That you can't stomach the fact that people are fighting over $10 billion dollars? Puhleeze. Two years ago, you were begging for $200K to build your little Radio Shack robot, and now you think it's crass to argue over $10 billion dollars?

That's rich. Thanks for throwing in your two cents. We're all extremely moved by your touching little "can't we all just get along" socialist speech. Now, go read Animal Farm and The Road to Serfdom, and then get back in the lab.

Read my previous post on the story. It's the most comprehensive posting on the Robinson Crusoe Treasure on the internet.

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Posted by Peenie Wallie on October 03, 2005 at 08:13 PM


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